Inspiring Story of a visually impaired lady – Swarnalakshmi

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This is the story of Swarnalakshmi, a blind lady, the only daughter in her traditional Indian family. Swarnalakshmi lost her vision all of a sudden due to brain tumor 15 days before she was supposed to get married. In her story she tells about what helped her to restart her life and become an independent lady with a golden glow in her eyes. (Swarnalakshmi means Gloden glow)

Swarna said :

I am very happy for all the comments and thankful to all for having listened to the post. One more thing I would like to share with all is that I could gather so much of strength and courage with the blessings of my Guruji[Sri Sri Ravishankar}. I joined the Art Of Living sessions designed by his holiness, and once after doing the sessions I regularly practise meditation daily in the morning. I would advise all to visit the website for the further details of the programs run by the organization. Guruji says that we are not disabled, we are born witha purpose of eliminating others Karmas and also to enlighten people.