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Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), Jaipur was set up in 1975. It is a formally registered society in India.
It is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-sectarian, non-regional, non-political society, for helping the physically challenged, particularly the financially weak among them.
BMVSS is the largest organization, for the handicapped in the world in terms of fitment of artificial limbs and calipers etc., to the handicapped.
BMVSS, being a social organization engaged in humanitarian work, provides all the artificial limbs, calipers, crutches, ambulatory aids like wheelchairs, hand paddled tricycles and other aids and appliances totally free of charge to the physically challenged.

the BMVSS provides or engages in –

  1. Artificial limbs and other rehabilitation aids and appliances to amputees.
  2. Calipers, modified footwear and other rehabilitation aids and appliances to polio afflicted and other disabled persons.
  3. Hearing aids to persons who are hearing impaired.
  4. Special shoes and other aids to persons suffering from leprosy.
  5. Various types of financial and other support of self-employment and social rehabilitation of the physically challenged.
  6. Scientific and technical research in developing and improving aids and appliances for the physically challenged.
  7. Dissemination of knowledge and expertise relating to the manufacture of aids and appliances, care of the disabled by providing training to technicians, doctors etc., by organizing training courses, technical workshop, seminars and publication of technical and social books / reports etc.
  8. Collaboration with various organizations both National and Inter-national dealing with the handicapped.
  9. Organizing on-the-spot-limb / caliper-manufacturing-fitment-camps in India and abroad.
  10. Some programs for the up-liftment and self employment of distressed women, whether physically challenged or not.

Polio Calipers:Polio Calipers

Poliomyelitis is one of the most dreaded disease that leads to locomotor disability amongst the children. Following an attack of Polio, a child may suffer  partial or complete paralysis, which may make the child permanently disabled for  the whole life.

Polio has been almost wiped out from developed countries. However, it continues to threaten a large number of children in under-developed countries. In  India, Polio is the single most common cause of Physical disability amongst the  children. As per the survey, there are 3 million people in India who have been  afflicted  by Polio and it is on decline due to PULSE POLIO immunization programme undertaken by  the Govt.  of India and other international agencies, like Rotary international etc.

Hand Paddled TricyclesHand Paddled Tricycles – Patients having lost both their limbs or having polio in both the limbs can only crawl. They are provided mobility by giving them hand paddled tricycles and that to free of charge. Other needy persons are also given such tricycles for outdoor ambulation. The tricycles are being made by another sister organization. These hand paddled tricycles are having the ISI certification of the Bureau of Indian Standards, the standard setting and enforcing national agency of the Government of India.

Crutches – These are also being provided, these crutches are having the ISI certification of the Bureau of Indian Standards, the standard setting and enforcing national agency of the Government of India.


Shri D. Mohan Jain

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang
Sahayata Samiti
Adinath Jain Trust (Regd)
21, V.K. Koil Street, Choolai,
CHENNAI- 600112

26692813, 26692539.