Locomotor impairment

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Loco motor impairment

Cerebral Palsy – A group of non-progressive conditions characterized by abnormal motor control posture resulting from brain insult or injuries occurring in the peri- natal, neo-natal or infant period of development.

Locomotor disability – Disability of the bones, joint or muscles leading to substantial restriction of the movement of the limbs or a usual form of cerebral palsy. Some
common conditions giving raise to locomotor  disability could be poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy,amputation, injuries of spine, head, soft tissues,fractures, muscular dystrophies etc.

Locomotor Disability
1. The child is not able to raise both the arms fully without any difficulties.
2. The child is not able to grasp objects without any difficulty.
3. The child has absence of any part of the limb.
4. The child has a difficulty in walking.


Permanent Physical impairment of Upper Limb
Permanent Physical impairment of Lower Limb
Permanent Physical impairment of Trunk (Spine)
Permanent Physical impairment in case Short Stature/ Dwarfism
Permanent Physical impairment in Amputees
Longitudinal deficiencies
Permanent Physical impairment in Neurological conditions
Permanent Physical impairment due to cardiopulmonary Diseases

The estimation of permanent impairment depends upon the measurement of functional impairment.

Impairment: An impairment in any loss or abnormality of psychological,physiological or anatomical structure or function in a human being.

Functional Limitations: Impairment may cause functional limitations which are partial or total inability to perform these activities necessary for motor, sensory or mental function with in the range or manner of which a human being is normally capable.

If the child has locomotor disability contact:

Orthopaedic Surgeon or specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation –Available at block, district, State hospital for assessment,
Organizations for education – Formal schools, Open School
– Non- Governmental Organisations working in the field of locomotor disabilities.
Organisations for providing – Field: Sub-health Centre, Primary Health Center,
aids and appliances  Gram Panchayat, Rehabilitation centre if available,
NGOs working in the field of disability.
Block : Block Welfare Officer
District: District Welfare Officer
Students: in schools


The National Institute for Physically Handicapped
4, Vishnu Digambar Marg
New Delhi – 110002

National Institute for Orthapeadically Handicapped
B.T. Road
Calcutta – 700090
Ph: 033-528379.

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