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It was founded by Dr.J.Jane Shanthakumari, under excruciating circumstances. This Organisation is the outcome of our chairperson’s dream come true. Lord ChennaiShe had to pledge her services to redress the sufferings of mentally ill persons as her own brother had fallen a victim to this illness and the trauma which he had undergone had been witnessed by her had moved her to dedicate her services to this field. Care and affection are the two sides of the coin which is playing an important role in dispelling the gloom with which these persons are eclipsed. It is in existence since 15 years. It has its credit of curing more than 400 persons relieving them completely from this illness, restored back to normalcy and reunited by their families.

Awareness Campaigns:

Apart from our regular activities we also concentrate on Awareness building among the Rural masses on mental illness. This awareness is done by our LORD in schools for the children. The message is given in a such a way that they spread the message to other. Our awareness helps the people in the prevention of mental illness. We have served in a good number of villages in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. A good response is visible. The people expect more such activities. Hence, we have plans to expand these activities in more villages with the co-operation of the community people. In the absence of even the minimum required awareness about schizophrenia in our society, our institution ‘LORD’ dedicating its services for the cause of the mentally ill has been conducting awareness programmes for the school students for the past twelve years in this area.

In each and every district of Tamilnadu LORD is Organising seminars and symposiums on the issue at hand, i.e. schizophrenia, its causes and effects, and LORD is also conducting Medical camps for the psychological well being of people.

This is the only Organisation that brings about the much needed awareness regarding mental illness and the medicare for it, all over Tamilnadu. So far in all these Twelve years it has covered about 1000 schools in fifteen districts and has conducted awareness programmes for about 20 lakh school students and has also given them reference books on the subject giving prelimenary facts about causes and remedial measures of mental illness.

Occupational Therapy:

It plays a major role in speedy recovery by keeping their mind occupied. Candle making, basket making, fancy jewelry making, doll making are the crafts they are trained in.


Psychosis is a symptom or feature of mental illness typically characterized by radical changes in personality, impaired functioning, and a distorted or nonexistent sense of objective reality.

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No.1, Raghul Street, Immanuel Nagar,
Red Hills Road,
Pudur, Ambattur
Chennai – 600 053.
South India.

Phone:+ 91 44 2686 0159
Mobile: 99400 62159, 95000 64159

Email: care@lordchennai.org

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