Mini Self Employment Scheme


1. Introduction

This scheme is true example of “less investment and more profit”. The sample test of MSES reveals that one can earn immediately Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per day with very less investment ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000/- only. While selecting PWDs Socio-Economic background, skill, experience, interest, family support etc. should be assessed. Extensive follow up strategies should be planned, interaction with police/ NAC personnel & business neighbours should be made. The NGOs should take lead role to promote & popularise MSES.

2. Objectives

1. To arrange livelihood for poor PWDs who are in need of money immediately & channelise them into self- employment esteem.

2. To involve community, philanthropists, NGOs service clubs in a befitting manner.

3. Justification

The existence and continuation of this scheme is fully justified as it channelises the poor, unemployed PWDs into gainful activities to fulfill their urgent financial need with less investment and makes them earning member of the society.

4. Financial Resources

Since the livelihood of PWDs has to be arranged urgently so self finance or donations in form of self- employment kits through service clubs, philanthropists, community, public sectors, funding agencies, NGOs etc. may be arranged. Donations in cash should be avoided.

5. Time schedule

With in a week.

6. Orientation/motivation

12-15 hours in 3-4 days.

7. Selection criteria

The PWDs should have :

1. Poor Socio -Economic background

2. Urgent need of earning livelihood and deepest sense of economic independence through small venture.

The Self Employment venture should be chosen according to interest, aptitude, ability, local need and socio-economic background of PWDs.

8. Follow up

Initially PWDs may face complex problems (police, NAC, surrounding bussiness friends). On the other hand the client may have personality problems such as lack of confidence, inferiority complex, hesitation etc. so it needs extensive follow-up initially (15 daily visits, 15 alternative day visits, few weekly and monthly visits).

9. Limitation

The few limitations of MSES are :Very limited coverage, basically urban based, time constraints for follow-up, unwillingness of PWDs.

Sl.NoVentureInvestment in Rs.Suggestive PlacesSuitable PWDs
1Cobbler1000/-Bus Stand, Railway station, Market, Residential Areas . TrainsHH/OH/MR/HH/OH
2Barber5000/-Near-courts, Bus stands, Railway stations, slums, Residential Areas, HotelsHH/OH/MR
3Cloth lroning3000/-Residential Complexes, Hostel, HotelsHH/OH/MR
4Domestic Appliances Repairing5000/-Residential Complexes / Markets/ MobilesOH/PHH

Chair Canning1200/-Visiting offices, Residential ComplexesVH/OH/HH
6Commercial Art4000/-RTO Office, Markets, Main Roads/Squares (Visit institutes, Public Sector & Govt. OfficesHH/OH
7Photo Framing5000/-Markets, Public & tourist placesHH/OH/MR
8Stitching and Repairing of covers5000/-Neare-Garage, Auto agencies, Automobile shops,Main Road side, RTO officeHH/OH/MR
9Vegetable Selling4000/-Mobile, Hat, Vegetable markets. Road side / squares & Vehicle stopsHH/OH/LV/MR
10Betel Stall2000/-Public places, Bus stands & stops, Railway stations. Near the restaurants / Hotels/ Offices & IndustriesOH/HH/VH/MR
11Fish / chkcken / Muton selling3000/-Mobile, Road side, Hats, fish marketsOH/HH
12Puffed Rice1000/-Mobile, Visit Residential areas, complexesOH/MR
13Fruits Seller5000/-Road side, Markets, Public places, Bus stands, Railway stations, tourist placesHH/OV/LV/MR
14Sharpening of Knives / scissors3000/-Visit residential areas, Barber shopsDH/MR/PHH
15Tea-snacks stall5000/-Road Sides, Near Residential complexesHH/OH
16Fast food stall5000/-Markets, Institutional & Industrial areas, Hostels, Bus stands, Railway stations, residential areas, tourist places.HH/OH/MR
17Two-wheeler Repairing5000/-Road sides, Near Residential complexesHH/OH
18Fruit Juice Stall5000/-Markets, Institutional and Industrial areas, Hostels, Bus stands, Railway stations residential areas, Tourist places.HH/OH/VH/MR.
19Rickshaw Pulling4500/-Bus stands, Railway stations, Markets, Main roads chhaks, Tourist placesHH/OH
20Florists4000/-Near Marriage Mandaps, Religious places, Main roadsALL
21Selling of puja items3000/-Religious places, MarketsOH/MR/LV/HH
22Sell of cheese ( chhana)1000/-Hats, Markets, Main chhaksOH/VH/HH/MR
23Domestic usable plastic items4000/-Hats, MarketsOH/MR/LV/HH
24Sugarcane Juice5000/-Road side, institutional and Industrial AreasOH/HH/VH/MR
25Ghughuni selling1200/-Market places/ Hats/ trainsOH/HH/VH/MR

HH- Hearing Handicapped

MR-Means mild mentally retarded, having vocational skill.

LH- Locomotor Handicapped

Hearing Handicapped may display rate chart & items list.

VH-Visually Handicapped

PWDs may require family support, extend your support.

LV- Low vision

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