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MOHANA ORTHOTICS AND PROSTHETICS CENTRE, Chennai, one of the pioneering centers in India, proudly announces their new product MOBILITEMohana orthotics and prosthetics centre for below knee amputees. With the past 25 years of service to the disabled, it has been possible to b ring out this product, with innovative design and development. This new product encompasses the use of new material and superior technology supported by computerized design and analysis. MOBILITE an endoskeletal type of artificial limb provides normal gait for the handicapped persons to pursue various activities such as walking, climbing steps, cycling etc.

The salient features of MOBILITE are Easy mobility, Light Weight, High Strength, Durability, Comfort, Low Cost. Various components of MOBILITE are manufactured by sophisticated machines using injection moulding, compression moulding and filament winding techniques for best quality.

All the components that constitute this prosthesis have under-gone static and dynamic testing like endurance test, verifying for their endurance test, verifying for their strength before going for production.

The most attractive feature of this product is its light weight without sacrificing the strength. On ascertaining the quality and performance of MOBILITE, the Government of India has inducted its usage for the quake affected amputees of Gujarat.

Our product range includes

* Artificial limbs for upper as well as lower extremities

* Calipers of different designs

* Crutches (Axilla and Elbow)

* Spinal Brace, such as ASH Brace, L.S. Belt, Milwaukee brace, under Arm Brace and Cervical Collars etc.

* Orthopaedic Footwear including MCR, Arch support and R.J. Heel

* Abdominal and Hernia Belts

* Finger splint, Cock-up splint, Foot drop splint, Abduction splint, D.B.splint, Thomas splint and Wrist splint etc.

* Traction equipments

* Walkers, Tripod, quadripod and Walking stick etc.

* Wheel Chairs and Tricycles.

Contact Details:

G. Krishnan,
154, M T H Road,
Chennai – 600 049. Tamilnadu.

Phone : 044-6261898

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  1. Sir I require one peice of stainless knee joint for my caliper for which i m ready to pay for the same pl inform the price

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