Multi Rehab Centre

MRC [Multi Rehab Centre] starts with a notion of one step solution. A complete intervention program for all developmental disorders and disabilities under Multi Rehab Centre - Chennaione roof. Mingling of professionals in team approach paves a unique way for outstanding treatment prognosis to patients.


Paediatric Physiotherapy:

Cerebral palsy in developmental neuro motor or a neuro developmental motor feaceing delay in nulestones neckness of limbs differently in locomotion and assuming postular conics.
Aphasia is an acquired neurological disorder rescutingtom brain injuries, stock etc. Loss/gradual detoilation of earlier acquired skills are prime features of aphasia.
Occupational Therapy:


A behavioral disorder seen in children in described by the features of inattention, impulsiveness & hyperactivity.


A neurobiological disorder characterized by edge contact, poor doualization & hypothypersensitivity to different environment situation.

Learning Disability:

A neurological doctor in which individuals respect of difficulty in reading & writing. Poor orientation of space & difficulty in making perceptual judgement.


It is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by weakness of limbs, lack of postural control and difficulty in fine & gross motor activities. The above mentioned disorders are assessed and treated at the dept. therapectic tech. of SIT, ADL and recreation are employed to improve their attention concentration & general cognitive organization.

Speech Therapy:

Speech language pathologist will assess the patient with speech language impairment using a diagnostic tool which gathers information on speech/language skills in terms of milestones, development, processing, performance of the patient. Diagnosis will be done based on performance and normative data comparison of the diagnostic tool by the patient.

Integrated School:

A lovely place for children with special needs to teach them through play/scientific method, which paves a way for those young differently talented children to get into regular school.
Main stream academic syllabus will be taught in respect to each child’s performance level which makes the place as a friendly environment to learn creatively, playfully and happily.
Once a child reaches the stage to get into main stream, immediately the child will be put into regular school with the help of DDCIA to which MRC has link to integrate these children.

Research Activity:

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children will promote increased community participation in RCC and the RCC foundation.By 2011, the Rehabilitation Centre for Children will be promoting research activity in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

Product and Sales:

1. Hearing Aids(Body level, BTE, ITC, CIC)

2. Hearing aid spare parts(Cords, Batteries, Earmold, Eartip, ALD)


4. CD(Compact Disk) for each children with autism will be programmed and given for home training.

5. Oromotor Exercise CD – Oromotor exercise for speech sounds production will be demonstrated by speeh language pathologist in running video along with audio instructions.

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