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Multiple Sclerosis Society of India - ChennaiMultiple sclerosis (MS) is a common neurological disorder diagnosed in young adults. Its causes are not yet fully understood and researchers continue to search for answers. MS is not contagious and does not shorten the life-expectancy of those who are diagnosed with it. Although the condition may not be cured or prevented, presently treatments are available to reduce severity and delay progression.
MS is a disorder of the central nervous system (CNS). The CNS consists of the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. This disorder damages the protective insulation (known as “myelin”) surrounding the nerves (known as “axons”), and may also damage the nerves within the CNS. As a result, nerve impulses carrying messages from the brain and spinal cord may short circuit, causing reduced or lost bodily function.
The effects of MS differ with each individual. Some people experience symptoms for a short period of time and afterward may remain symptom-free for varying periods of months or years. Some others may experience a more steady progression of the affliction.

Most researchers believe MS is an “auto-immune disease” – one in which white blood cells, meant to fight infection or disease, are misguided to target and attack the body’s own cells. This attack causes inflammation in the CNS, which may damage the myelin and ultimately injure the nerves.

Areas of inflammation are known as “lesions” or “plaques.” The changes in size, number, and location of these lesions may determine the type and severity of symptoms. Frequently, however, MS may be “clinically silent,” showing no increase in symptoms while continuing to show signs of disease activity within the CNS.

Chennai Contact:

Name:Multiple Sclerosis Society of India,
Chennai Chapter
Address:c / o BOSCH, Blossom Centre,
30 North Boag Road,
T.Nagar Chennai – 600 017, India.

Help Line Contact:Hon. Secretary – Mrs. Dolly Khanna – +91 9840 156 003
Hon. Treasurer – Mrs. Ann Gonsalvez – +91 9962 100 256, 044–28156623, 044–2815662
Office Coordianator – Mr. Rocque Aranha