National Childhood Disability Conference (NCDC) 2011

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Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Chandigarh, the best-planned city in India, an epitome of modernization combined with nature’s preservation, the dream city of India’s first Prime Minister, National Childhood Disability Conference (NCDC) 2011Sh. Jawahar Lal Nehru. This rich prosperous green city called the ‘CITY BEAUTIFUL’, awaits to welcome you ALL during its Best Season! The Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Chandigarh Chapter & the Regional Institute for the Mentally Handicap, Chandigarh is hosting the VIIIth Annual Conference of the Childhood Disability Group of IAP on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th September, 2011. The field of disability is passing through a transition from charity based to right based. With experience and by achieving greater expertise in the field we have come to realize that differently- abled children require a holistic approach to management rather than just a medical treatment. By enacting various laws in the country such as : The PWD Act 1995, The National Trust Act 1999, The Rehabilitation of Council of India Act 1992, Govt. of India has created a platform for policy makers and other professionals to voice their opinions regarding status of disability in India . It has also helped in expansion of services such as medical and rehabilitative services, redesigning of curriculum, education and training of persons with disabilities, identifying suitable jobs for them, and providing legal protection .But we still need to bridge the huge gap between the medical and the social aspects of disabilities. In keeping with the perspective, this Conference is a humble effort on the part of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Chandigarh and the Regional Institute for Mentally Handicapped, Sector 31-C, Chandigarh to provide an excellent platform for all stakeholders in the field to COME TOGETHER TO HELP EACH CHILD BRING OUT THEIR BEST POTENTIAL.


1. Patient Centered Medical Homes
2. Impact of Early Intervention in children with Developmental Delays
3. Reading Difficulty – How the Brain Reads
4. Autism- Red Flags
5. Sensory issues in ADHD
6. The High Risk Newborn- future outcome
7. Neuro-development presentations of IEM
8. Management of IEM in office practice
9. Role of genetics in prevention of disability
10. Communication Disorders in children
11. Developmental social skills in children with ASD
12. Poor Scholastic Performance in children
13. Mental Health in children and adolescents
14. Recent Advances in Epilepsy in children with Intellectual Deficiencies.
15. Classroom intervention for children with developmental disorders
16. Cerebral palsy Etiopathogenesis and clinical presentations
17. Prevention of Perinatal Brain Injuries

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