New Schemes for Differently abled (2013 -2014 )

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1. Establishment of Early Diagnostic Centres for Hearing Impaired in 10 Districts.

Hearing loss is the most common birth defect in India, affecting  young children (up to five of every thousand babies born).Yet, a large number of hearing impaired children are not identified until 1 to 3 years of age which is beyond the critical period for healthy  speech and language development. In addition, 3 out of 4 children experience Otitis media (ear infection), the most common illness in babies and young children. Ear infection can cause temporary hearing, speech and language problems. If left untreated, these problems can become permanent. However, if hearing impairment is identified and treated in its early stages, studies have shown that the child’s speech and language skills will be comparable to his or her normal hearing peers. For these reasons, hearing screening at birth and routine test throughout childhood is extremely important.
Hence, Early Diagnostics Centres will be established in 10 Districts at a total Cost of Rs.1.98 Crores.


2. Installation of Solar power plants in Government Special Schools

In the interest of the Differently Abled students studying in Government Special Schools, it is proposed to install Solar Power Plants in the 5 Government Special Schools at a total cost of Rs.18.90 Lakhs.


3. Establishment of Disability Museum in Chennai

To create awareness among the public about the various disabilities, their prevention and early intervention measures,  designing, fabrication and fitment of aids and appliances for various disabilities and display of Assistive and Adaptive Devices and to conduct Seminars and Workshops on Disabilities, a Disability Museum will be established in Chennai at a total cost of Rs.1.00Crore.


4. Establishment of Model Centre for  Persons affected by Muscular Dystrophy  at Chennai

 Duchene Muscular Dystrophy is as x-lined developmental disorder that causes progressive muscle weakness usually leading to death by young adulthood.  DMD is the most common neuromuscular disease (NMD) of childhood and has been shown to be the neuromuscular disorder requiring the greatest annual per capita cost for outpatient rehabilitative treatment. The purpose to establish a model centre for persons affected by Muscular Dystrophy in Chennai is to streamline the management of this disease and recommendations on standards of case for the children who are facing, physical  and psychosocial problem.

Hence, a  Model Centre for persons affected by Muscular Dystrophy In Chennai will be established at a total cost of Rs.50.00 lakhs in association with Muscular Dystrophy Association India.

5. Providing Power Laundries  in Hostels of Government Special Schools

Special Schools for Differently Abled Persons with Hostel facilities are functioning under the control of this Department. The students are spending certain amount of time in washing their cloths. In order to help the students to utilize this time in their studies, power laundries are to be provided to 12 Government Special Schools at a total cost of Rs.44.00 lakhs.

6.Provision of Nutritious Weaning Food and Noon Meal to the Differently Abled Children at Early Intervention Centres.

There are 82 Early Intervention Centres are functioning in the State  out of this  32 Early Intervention Centres are  for Mentally Retarded, 18 Early Intervention Centres are for Visually Impaired and 32 Early Intervention Centres are for Hearing Impaired children .

The weaning food and noon meal will be provided as in the  ICDS to 2434  Differently Abled Children at these Early Intervention Centres at total cost of Rs.66.00 lakhs.

7. Increasing the number of Trainees for Multi media and Digital Photography Training Programmes.

During 2012-2013 training to 50 differently abled persons in Multimedia  has been provided by the Chennai Regional Office of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC).

As there is a huge response among Differently Abled persons for this training programme, 200 Differently Abled Persons will be provided training during 2013-2014 at total cost of Rs.21.00 lakhs.

8.Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme –    5% investor contribution on the part of Differently  Abled to be borne by the Government

Under the Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme (UYEGP), the Directorate of Industries & Commerce sanctions a loan with 15 % subsidy through Nationalized Banks to the educated, unemployed youth to get self-employment in micro industries of manufacture, service and trade.  The differently abled persons have to remit 5% towards investor’s contribution to obtain the loan.

5% investor’s contribution will be borne by the Tamil Nadu Government under UYEGP to encourage differently abled persons to undertake self-employment ventures. A total amount Rs.50.00 Lakhs will be provided.

9. Enhancing subsidy under micro and small scale self- employment scheme up to  Rs. 10,000/- to the Differently  Abled persons.


Name of the Scheme / Gist of the
Self Employment loan subsidy to the Differently Abled persons
Loan  is  recommended  to  the  unemployed  Differently
Abled persons who are willing to start their self employment ventures.   The Government subsidy will be released  to  the  Differently  Abled  persons  to  whom
provisional  loan  was  sanctioned  at  the  maximum  of
Rs.10,000/-   or   1/3   of   the   sanctioned   loan   amount, whichever is less.Bunk stall loan subsidy scheme for Differently Abled persons.
Subsidy for setting up of a Bunk Stall is 1/3rd   of the loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/-


Eligibility CriteriaAny Differently Abled persons in the age group of 18 and


Whether form of application is prescribedYes. Applications are available with concerned District
Differently Abled Welfare Officer.


Certificates to be furnisheda)  National Identity Card for Differently Abled and Family
b)  Quotation for materials / bunk cost.


Officer to whom the application is to be submittedDistrict Differently Abled Welfare Officer


Grievances if any to be
addressed to
Principal Secretary / State Commissioner for the
Differently Abled,
State Resource cum Training Centre Campus, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road,
K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600 078. Ph: 044-24719947 / 48 / 49Concerned Bank Managers.

10. Enhancement of Scholarship Amount

In order to encourage Differently Abled students to pursue education, Scholarship amount given is enhanced as indicated below.




Scholarship amount (Rs.  for 10 months) (Before enhancement)Scholarship   amount (Rs.  for 10 months)
(After enhancement)


1st Standard to 5th Standard




6th Standard to 8th Standard




9th Standard  to 12th Standard








Post Graduate and professional education



Enhancement of Scholarship amount will involve an additional expenditure of Rs. 3.06 Crores per annum.

11. Enhancement of Readers Allowance Amount

Readers Allowance given for Visually Impaired students is enhanced as indicated below.



Readers Allowance Amount given at present per annum

Readers Allowance amount after enhancement


9th Standard to 12th Standard




Under Graduates




Post Graduates and Professional Education students



Enhancement of Readers Allowance amount will involve an additional expenditure of Rs.19.00 Lakhs per annum.

12. 1000 Retrofitted Petrol Scooters to Differently Abled Persons

From the year 2011-2012, Retrofitted Petrol Scooters are distributed to both limbs affected differently abled students / employees, to enable them to have easy access to their work place.
There is good response from the differently abled persons for implementation of this scheme.

Hence, 1000 retrofitted petrol scooters at a cost of Rs. 5.5 Crores (@ Rs. 55,000 per scooter) will be provided in 2013-2014.

13. Establishment of Mobile Intervention  Units with equipment and skilled professionals to provide services to Differently Abled at  their doorstep in all the Districts.

Differently abled children are receiving Early Intervention and Physiotherapy Services through the Early Intervention Centres in all the 32 Districts. Majority of these Intervention Centres are located at the District Head-quarters.

Parents bring their children to the Early Intervention Centres. In spite of extending travel concessions to the escorts accompanying the children to these centres, severely affected children find it difficult to come to the early intervention centres regularly and as a result, they are not able to receive the full benefit of the training.

Establishing a Mobile Intervention Unit would be a boon for the severely affected children, especially children with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities.

The Mobile Unit consists of a Van fitted with Physiotherapy Equipment, Multipurpose Rehabilitation Aide and Orthotic Technicians working in the respective district office can manage the Mobile Unit.

The Mobile Units will be established in all 32 Districts at a total cost of Rs.4.49 Crores.