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Opportunity School ChennaiOpportunity School was established in the 1969 and over the past 37 years of service the Institution has grown from strength in terms  of number, program and achievements. The current school strength is 152 out of which 38 children are accommodated in the School Hostel. Over the past 36 years, more than 500 children have left the school after completion of their training. The School obtained its recognition in 1984.

There are 15 trained special educators 5 instructors for different Vocational units such as, screen printing, carpentry and painting,tailoring, canteen and petty shop, speech therapist, social worker, physical educator, computer instructor music teacher.

The children are admitted at the age of 3 years in the Early Intervention class. The children are assigned to classes by taking
into account their chronological as well as their mental age. During the initial years of schooling in the Early Intervention, Pie-primary and Primary classes, importance is given to training in the areas of self help skills such as eating, toileting, grooming, dressing and social skills. Priority goals in the ADLS or Activities of daily living skills’ is stressed upon and achieved during these initial years of training.

The school has successfully placed the trained students in factories and small firms and some students have been helped
to start their own small trades such as a mobile laundry unit, petty shops and use tricycles and auto rickshaws for carrying the public and cargo.

From the Elementary class level up to the Senior class level, importance is given to academic training. The five areas of training are reading, writing, number, money and time. The children who exhibit academic ability and show interest in learning are segregated and trained in the normal school syllabus in a limited way. So far three students have completed their 8th standard government examination and one is preparing for the 8th standard examination.
Children from Pri-Primary classes upwards are provided with computer-aided instruction which farther helps in skill development
Children who have special needs are given intensive professional speech therapy to improve their speech skills.
Students after 15 years of age, who show a lesser ability in academics are placed in the Pre-Vocational streams where they are given training in pre- vocational skills.
Girls are trained in tailoring, cooking and running a petty shop. The boys are trained in carpentry and screen-printing. In addition to this they are trained trained in functional academic skills, where they apply whatever they learn in the classroom in their vocational environment. They learn to organize their time and work an dlearn to handle money and this program improves their social skills.
In addition to this children are trained in music, art, singing, dancing and sports. They have excelled in each in these areas and have won several laurels in the District, State, National and International level competitions.


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