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Girish Gogia was only 29 years old when he suffered a cervical spinal cord injury while diving into the sea in Goa. The incident left him paralysed below the neck. As the spinal tissue is not capable of regenerating itself, a spinal cord injury is irreversible.

According to the medical dictionary, “quadriplegia” means paralysis affecting all four limbs with or without total loss of function. A person afflicted with paralysis of the cervical spinal cord has no control over any part of the body beyond the neck and is usually bedridden.

Girish Gogia- The Positive Man. 20 April, 2014 INSPIRATION STORIES

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Since such persons have no sensation below the neck and are unable to do anything, to perform any normal human activity, they have to be cared for at all times and have to be looked after like new-born babies.

Dr Batra’s Positive Health Awards 2013, an initiative to recognise and award the heroism of those who have displayed outstanding courage and have inspired many people in different ways in their fight against disease and disability, was held at NCPA, Mumbai. It marked the 8th year of this initiative.

Mr. Girish Gogia (43 years) – wheel chair bound

Profile: He is a motivational speaker.

In the year 1999, he was at a beach in Goa to usher in the millennium. As a confident ocean diver, he took off the cliff. Unfortunately, one miscalculated dive changed his life completely. Since then he have been completely paralyzed neck downwards due to a cervical spinal cord injury which left all his limbs immobile (a Quadriplegic), 50% of respiratory function, failure of bladder, no bowel movements and zero sensation in almost 90% of his body.
In spite of all the adversities and trials, he didn’t allow hope to cease. He realized that nothing was impossible. It was all about the indomitable spirit & mind over matter. Through his trials and tribulations, he has discovered that the positive, passionate and progressive attitude helped him excavate himself from the morasses of life and proceed positively. He has realized that the time had come to act, instead of sulking.
As a human being he feels that it’s his duty to share his experiences with others and convey the message of positivity. Hence, he has undertaken this mission to enlighten as many souls as possible through the power of Positive Energy in order to change their perception towards life.

He said that it was when he was lying in the hospital bed, unable to move an inch, with tears streaming from his eyes and his heart sinking in despair, that he realised that being happy or sad, fulfilled or frustrated depended on nothing but his own thoughts. He decided to fight back and has overcome all the difficulties that life has put forth him with renewed vigour. He had a healthy mind and that became his biggest strength.

After 13 years of living as a quadruple, Girish has mastered the art of overcoming obstacles and staying positive. Circumstances have taught him that no problem is bigger than one’s capabilities.

Today he is an inspirational speaker who conducts inspirational workshops with corporates, NGOs and educational institutions. He has also completed more than 15 projects as an accomplished interior designer not only in India, but also internationally.

With such dedication and love for life, over the past years Girish has inspired people to look at their lives in a more thoughtful and thankful way.

His dream is to travel the world promoting the message of positivity and hope. Very rightly he is called – THE POSITIVE MAN

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