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Prayatna was established in Bangalore in July 1998 to provide intervention services to children, who despite being intelligent and motivated, experience Prayatna - Centre for Educational Assessment and Interventionspecific academic difficulties. Aruna Sankaranarayanan, the Founder/ Director of Prayatna, was motivated to start a centre for children with learning difficulties in India when she was an undergraduate student at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. While doing a summer internship, she found that most Indian schools did not provide any additional facilities for children with learning disabilities. She then equipped herself over a period of six years with the necessary knowledge and experience to start a centre in Bangalore. She completed her doctorate in developmental psychology at Harvard University and was awarded a fellowship by the Echoing Green Foundation in New York to set up a centre in Bangalore.

A branch in Chennai was opened in April 2001. Prayatna has so far provided assessment & intervention services to over 300 children. Children who have difficulties in acquiring the basic academic skills of reading, spelling & elementary math are likely to benefit from Prayatna’s programs. At Prayatna, children play games and perform activities that enhance specific sub-skills that are required for mastering the 3 “R”s namely, reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

Services offered by Prayatna:

  • Assessment of children experiencing academic difficulties(including I.Q. assessments)
  • Intervention programs that cater to individual needs of children
  • Setting up resource rooms in schools
  • Workshops for teachers on learning disabilities; effective methods of teaching reading & language skills
  • Training programs for parents
  • Special-education training for teachers
  • Spreading awareness of learning disabilities through lectures & demonstrations
  • Development of teaching aids & tools to impart specific sub-skills


PRAYATNA’s Language and Math programs target the following skill areas:


  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Oral & Reading Comprehension
  • Oral & Written Expression
  • Vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Mathematical Concepts till Grade V


Prayatna Protocol


  • Interview with parents to obtain a detailed account of the child’s birth and developmental history
  • Feedback from the child’s teacher through questionnaire
  • Assessment at PRAYATNA
  • Remedial program drawn up
  • Progress of child monitored closely& goals modified accordingly
  • Report given to parents every year


Contact details

Centre for Educational Assessment & Intervention
26 Palace Road
Tel: (080)-22280831


Centre for Educational Assessment & Intervention

57, Prithvi Avenue
Chennai 600 018
Tel: (044)-42112971


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  1. Very happy to see this type of organisation with target of helping the students with learning problems . I am a science teacher but I want to be a special teacher for special students but not getting the way. How?

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