Pre-School For Young Hearing Impaired Children

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Gist of the SchemeHearing impaired children are provided with Pre-school education, Uniform, speech therapy
and boarding and lodging.


Eligibility CriteriaSpeech  and  Hearing  Impaired  children  in  the
age group of 3 to 5 years.


Whether  form  of  application  is prescribedYes. Available with District Differently Abled
Welfare Office.


Certificates to be furnishedNational  Identity Card for Differently Abled  and
Birth Certificate


Officer to whom the application is
to be submitted
District Differently Abled Welfare Officer / Head
Master   of   Government   School   for   Deaf   / Headmasters of Govt. aided pre schools.


Grievances if any to be
addressed to
Principal Secretary / State Commissioner for the
Differently Abled,
State Resource cum Training Centre Campus, Jawaharlal Nehru Inner Ring Road,
K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600 078.
Ph: 044-24719947 / 48 / 49

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