Prema Vasam- Home for the Mentally & Less Fortunate Children

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PREMA VASAM is a A home for the Mentally & Physically Challenged and Less Fortunate Children. It is the only home of its kind that caters to the needs of a large number of special children along with the less fortunate normal children. It aims to work with these special children and their families irrespective of caste, creed, religion and financial background. As the name Prema Vasam means, it is a place of love or where love resides. Prema Vasam provides residential care to the children who are differently abled, mentally challenged and less fortunate. It renders relentless service to these children to realize their potentials and to enable them to serve others. It is registered under Charitable Trust Act, Registration No.419 of 1999. Further it is a non profitable organization.


A team of physiotherapists headed by Mr. Robinson gives physiotherapy to our children affected by cerebral palsy, autistic and mentally challenged children everyday from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. They provide therapeutic exercise such as electrical stimulation, muscular stimulation, tense to remove pain, contracture removing, stretching exercises, strengthening exercise and so on. We have electrical stimulator called Electro care machine, parallel bar, static cycle, physioball, walker and so on. Regular physiotherapy results in remarkable improvement and development among our children.

Occupational therapy

Sometimes our children do stay idle, some of the children are bed ridden, there is a compulsory need for occupational therapy. We have fur toys, musical toys, standing frame, CP chair, building blocks and so on to enhance occupational therapy to our children.

In occupational therapy we give exercise to normalize tone, stretching and positioning, to relieve tightness maintain stretch is given. Milestones are achieved through different positioning the child, providing sensations of the objects for grasping.

Of course, occupational therapy plays an important role in the lives of our special children. It makes them active; it gives a satisfying feeling to our special children because they could do something.

Paly therapy

Children love games and sports. Our special children are also not exceptional, they love to play games. As part of play therapy along with our special teacher we make our children to run around and to do physical exercise which are relevant and pertinent to them.

Special Eduaction

Prema Vasam- Home for the Mentally & Less Fortunate ChildrenSpecial children do have learning disability and are slow learners. Hence based on their IQ testing they are categorized and provided with colorful toys, coloring books, clay, puzzles, matching cards, simple vocabulary, color concept, shapes, simple arithmetic, simplified academic skills and so on. Whereas for the trainable group we teach ADL (Activities of Daily Living) to reach our main goal i.e. to make them “independent”.

We do play music and songs as part of special education.

In this aspect some of our special children have made significant improvement. They started to write their names, say a few rhymes, names of the objects, match the objects, good in ADL skills. These achievements are possible by the team of our staff and our childrens efforts.


Mr. Selvyn Roy (Administrator),
Ms. Mumtaj (Co-ordinator),
Prema Vasam,
Thiru V.KA. Road,
Chennai – 602 101,
Tamil Nadu,

+91 44 23820771
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+91 44 23820771