Prevention of physically challenged in tamilnadu

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Many physical disabilities do not have cure. Also, scientist do not know causes for many physical disabilities. But, there are some things that can be done to prevent some physical disabilities. Here are some ways that people can try to prevent having physical disabilities.


Prenatal care is when women visit doctor and live healthy when they are expecting a baby. It is very important that women who are going to have a baby visit a doctor. Doctor can figure out if the women and the baby are healthy. The can also prescribe vitamins and medicine to keep a baby healthy. One important thing is to get enough folic acid. This is a type of vitamin B that person  can get by taking a vitamin or eating foods that have a lot of folic acid. some of those foods are bananas, broccoli oranges and nuts. One of the birth disorders that can be prevented this way is Spina Bifida.  Another thing that doctor can do is inform people about their genetics. For example he can study family history to find out if a baby is at risk of inheriting some disorders. Prenatal care can lower risks of baby being born with disorders.Healthy lifestyle includes nutrition and exercise, as well as staying away from alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs can cause disorders for baby. So they should not be used when a person is pregnant. Also, smoke from cigarettes may make babies very little ad born to early. Premature babies are more likely to have a disability because their organs are not completely developed.

Unfortunately in many poor countries prenatal care is not available. People have to travel a long time to reach doctor. Or, doctors are too expensive. In addition, vitamins and medication or good healthy nutrition may not be affordable. therefore, people around the world who live in poverty are less likely to get proper prenatal care and afford healthy lifestyle. Programs that raise money and provide free prenatal care are trying to help people get better health to prevent disorders.


This is a very important prevention. Vaccination prevents diseases for happening. Using vaccination means that diseases may not spread around in schools or community. Some disabilities may be prevented by simple shot or a pill. For example, Polio has been eradicated in the entire Western world. this is because al children are required to get a Polio vaccine .Because most of the people are vaccinated the polio virus cannot spread. unfortunately in poor countries sometimes people and governments cannot afford vaccine. Therefore, easily prevented diseases are still happening. Organizations like World Health Organizations ( WHO) are trying to raise awareness and funds to eradicate diseases like polio all over the world, and help more people live healthy lives.


Accidents are  a major cause of physical disabilities. We cannot always stop accidents from happening. But we can try. Many accidents happen on the roads. People have to make sure that they are wearing seat belts and that babies and small kids are in their car seats. In many poor countries people may not be able to afford this safety equipment, so it is important to make people aware and raise equipment or money to buy equipment in these countries. Also, roads in some countries are dangerous because they are old or not constructed well or not made for the cars. This is very expensive to fix, but could prevent many accidents. In addition to car accidents, there are many other accidents that people, especially kids, can get in For example riding a bike without helmets may be dangerous. Therefore, always wearing safety equipment that is made for the activity can help prevent accidents that cause physical disabilities.

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