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The need for a full time special school applying THD as a methodology of rehabilitation saw the establishment of RASA SPECIAL SCHOOL in 1996.Children with various kinds of mental challenges like Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and Autism come in for daily rehabilitative programme.

Children with various kinds of mental challenges like Mental retardation, Cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome and Autism come in for daily rehabilitative programme.

THD activities are scientifically structured, developmentally focused and individual specific to achieve therapeutic goals. Through these learning methods which are non-threatening, and enjoyable, children develop a greater awareness of their bodies and minds and their capabilities.

The activities are used as an enabling technique to improve their creativity, academic and social skills, physical and mental alertness.

The special students and adults of RASA learn different vocational skills like painting, copper foil embossing, embroidery, candle making , block printing etc.

The students in all the branches have been grouped according to their functional levels. The areas addressed in all the three branches includes the development of

gross motor skills,

fine motor skills,

self help skills,

communication and social skills,

supportive academics,

experiential work,

pre-vocational skills,

vocational skills


Sports Day – The activities for the Sports day is planned keeping in mind the ability of the students. Students from all the three branches take part.

Project Day – Once a year a cultural event of dance and drama is organized by the three branches of Rasa special School. Every student from these centres get a role to play

Rasa Day – A mega event of Dance, drama, and music is conducted every year involving 200 children with special needs from various special schools. This event is held in a prestigious auditorium in the city. An audience of about 1000 people witness this special event every year

Teachers Training Programme
THD, the whole and complete methodology, addresses the pre-primary education syllabus in it’s entirety through the structured application of the different aspects of theatre

It offers a comprehensive curriculum, which provides an indepth study and an extensive practical application of the methodology in Pre primary education. It promises to create teachers who will make that special difference.

An additional input as a special electire is offered for those interested in applying the above methodology, for those who need developmental input as in children and people with different disabilities.

Course curriculum
Approach to theatre for holistic development

Analysis of dance and drama as tools of theatre
Analysis of music, story telling and arts and crafts
A study of child development and General psychology
Pre primary education Syllabus
Application of THD – teaching Methodology for pre primary education
Project report, seminar, practical presentations
Introduction and application of THD as a holistic rehabilitation programme for people/children with special needs

Promise of the course
• Comprehensive study of the methodology
• Adequate opportunities for the application of the methodology
• Assistance in job procurements for candidates with a 75% pass mark on completion of the course
• Creating teachers who will be able to make that special difference

The Special Theatre Group – Four Ee’s
Using Theatre Arts for rehabilitation of people with different special needs has been the speciality of Rasa. After being in the field for 18 years, the need was felt to identify, and further train special talents in people with mental challenges so that they can perform on par with any other artistes.

‘The Four E’s’ is the Special Theatre Group Rasa has started, with people with mental challenges, to provide complete training in the performance of Indian Theatre – Dance, Drama and Music.

Classes are held thrice a week, in the evenings.

Opportunities will be provided to make & present professional Productions of Theatre – a new production every year as a true part of the entertainment industry.

Stipends /salaries are provided to the artistes during their training & for the performances.

Rasa Special School – Branches
Abhiramapuram Branch
Mandaveli Branch
Mehta Nagar Branch


No.1/1, 1st Street, Abhiramapuram,
Chennai – 600 018
Phone: 24997607/65281970
H.O: 25, Prithvi Avenue, Chennai – 600 018
Email: rasa_india@yahoo.com
Dr. Ambika Kameshwar Email ID:  dr_ambika[at]rasaindia.org
General Enquiries Contact ID:  administration[at]rasaindia.org

Location Map:

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