Sahyogi Scheme – Caregivers Training & Deployment

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Scheme of Community Based Caregivers Training was launched with a view to provide good quality training to interested persons for becoming caregivers to the needy persons with disabilities. Subsequently, the training module was revised and another scheme for Deployment of Caregivers was launched. Both the schemes could not produce the desired result due to a variety of reasons some of which are as below:

  • Course content of the training programme was too theoretical, medical.
  • Training approach lacked in imparting proper understanding of sensitive issues concerning rights and dignity of the persons with disabilities.
  • No career prospects and no career progression.
  • No effective arrangement for deployment after training
  • No incentive to make caregiver as a preferred career compared to easy options elsewhere e.g. under SSA Scheme of the Govt.

Sahyogi Scheme - Caregivers Training & DeploymentIn view of all these, while there is an ever growing demand for caregivers the actual availability of trained caregivers has lagged far behind despite running of caregivers training programmes through several NGOs over the years. It was therefore urgently required to review and overhaul the entire scheme. In this regard, a draft proposal was submitted and also discussed with a few selected NGOs and other stakeholders. Accordingly, a new scheme of Caregivers Training & Deployment called Sahyogi is conceived which will supersede the existing scheme. The salient features of the scheme is as following :

A. Training Module

1. There will be a totally new training module addressing the needs of PwDs on one side and caregivers on the other keeping in mind the paradigm shift in disability issues and approach towards them in conformity with the UNCRPD.

2. There will be different levels of training of different duration. The most basic level (Level-1) will be of 25 days of classroom training followed by 4 months on the job training. The next higher level (Level 2) will be of 5 months. Still higher levels (Level 3) will be evolved in due course. These different levels will ensure career progression of Caregivers on the one hand and their need based skill development on the other hand.

3. Training Modules will accordingly incorporate provisions for career progression & eligibility conditions for different levels.

4. All caregivers will be called Sahyogi 1/2/3 as per their levels.

B. Training Arrangement

1. There will a National Level Resource Persons Team for training of trainers who will in turn train different levels of caregivers starting with Level 1.

2. Actual cost of developing training modules and training the trainers will be provided on case to case basis.

3. Grant @ Rs.1000/- pm per person trained will be given for training the caregivers. This grant will be inclusive of all cost of training including examination fees, resource materials, certificates etc. The grant can be given in lump sum in advance to the training organizations (regd. NGOs).

4. Every trainee must be screened and enrolled before training.

C. Structural Arrangement

1. There will be a Care Givers Cell (CGC) in every selected NGO.

2. There shall be a TPA/Nodal agency at the national level for effective co-ordination and management of network of CGCs and smooth implementation of the entire scheme. TPA will be required to setup a Nodal-CGC (NCGC) in New Delhi.

3. A Corpus for the scheme shall be set up by the National Trust for which a separate bank account may be opened in due course.

4. Every CGC will be responsible to carry out both – training as well as deployment of caregivers. However, CGC may outsource training work in consultation with the National Trust. But in either case, it will be the responsibility of CGC to ensure successful training & deployment of all the caregivers.

5. Every CGC must have computer, printer, digital camera, phone, fax and internet. Non-recurring (NR) Grant of Rs. 1,00,000/- each shall be given to set up such cells.

6. NR Grant of Rs. 20,000/- shall also be given to each CGC for carrying out initial publicity/ awareness drive. However, subsequent publicity etc. will have to be done by CGCs at their own cost.

7. To meet initial recurring cost, seed money of Rs. 1,00,000/- will be given as working capital. No further recurring grant shall be given to CGCs which has to be generated by themselves under the scheme.

8. CGCs will be at liberty to fix their own fees/ charges but all financial transactions in/out of the Corpus shall be done only at the base rates fixed under the scheme and any loss/gain due to any different rate fixed by any CGC will accrue to that CGC only.

9. There shall be a separate bank account of CGC and all financial transactions must be through this bank account.

10. Every CGC will be required to contribute 10% of their revenue under the scheme to the Corpus by 31st March of every year after initial exemption for 3 years.

11. TPA can be provided Rs. 1,50,000/- for setting up the Nodal-CGC (NCGC) which will also include the cost of software development for on-line processing & tracking.

12. TPA can be provided recurring grant @ 10% of what all CGCs would actually get at the basic rate as given under the scheme. However this amount will be payable only on deployment of caregivers,

D. Application & Enrollment of Caregivers

1. Any person who is interested to become a caregiver can apply to CGC of the area.

2. Any Regd. NGO can also recommend/ refer applicants.

3. On receipt of application, CGC will inquire and ascertain the antecedents of applicants and their suitability & willingness to work as a caregiver. Police verification may be carried out wherever necessary.

4. Only such applicants whose antecedents are satisfactory will be enrolled by CGC. A complete database of all such enrolled applicants shall be maintained by CGC.

5. An incentive @ Rs.250 to CGC and @ Rs.50 to referee (regd. NGOs/CGC) shall be given for every new applicant who finally gets enrolled and who either successfully completes the training or is already trained.

E. Demand Registration & Deployment of Caregivers

1. Every CGC shall be required to register Care-seekers i.e. persons with disabilities who are desirous of availing caregivers.

2. There shall be a Demand Registration Fee per Caregiver required from Care-seekers. Registration shall remain valid for 3 years after which fresh registration will be required.

3. CGC should coordinate and facilitate the Care-seekers to get & retain suitable caregivers.

4. There shall be first time deployment fees of Rs. 1000/- from Caregivers. Trainee-Caregivers may pay this amount @ 250 pm for 4 months during their on-the-job-training. Caregivers already trained may also similarly pay in 4 monthly installments provided their salary payment is routed through CGC.

5. There shall be no first time deployment fees from Care-seekers as this amount is already factored in Demand Registration Fees.

6. Deployment fees once paid shall remain valid for 4 months from the date of deployment. Subsequent deployment shall attract fees @ 500 from both Caregivers as well as Care-seekers.

7. The remuneration/ salary of Caregiver will be mutually decided by the Care-seeker and the Caregiver in consultation with the CGC and in conformity with all the prevalent wage laws/rules.

8. Care-seeker will have to deposit, in advance, one month salary of caregiver or Rs. 5000/- whichever is more in the Corpus as refundable but non-interest bearing security.

9. The remuneration/ salary to the Caregiver can be paid, fully or partly through CGC if so desired by the Care-seeker. CGC will be free to charge suitable fees for this, if any.

10. CGC may also start a bouquet of other/ similar services to enhance its financial viability and/or utility for the PwD, Caregivers & other stakeholders.

F. BPL PwD & Convergence with the Existing Scheme

1. The existing remuneration of Rs. 500 each by National Trust/NGO/State Government shall continue with/without NGO contribution of Rs. 500. But it should be restricted to BPL PwD preferably in a group.

2. In such cases remuneration to the Caregiver can be Rs.1000 per PwD (500×2) upto 5 PwDs in a group i.e. every Caregiver will care for a maximum of 5 PwD and then get upto Rs. 5×1000=5000/- pm.

3. There will be two types of group- one who can perform economic activities and the other who cannot.

4. A group of BPL PwDs who can perform some economic activity can be called Self Help Group or SHG. The SHG so formed shall be required to become self-sufficient to meet the cost of Caregiver within two years.

5. In case of BPL PwD with severe disability or below 18 years of age, a group still should be formed called Special Disabled Group or SDG for deployment of caregivers. Remuneration to the Caregivers in such case even after two years, will be paid out of the Corpus generated under the scheme.

6. All the fees & charges shall similarly apply to SHG/SDGs as in case of APL Care-seekers & Caregivers except for the Demand Registration Fee which will be @ Rs.400 per BPL PwD and salary of Caregivers which will be @ Rs. 1000 per BPL PwD. However, payment in all such cases shall be done from the Corpus.

7. Separate grant for making such payment will be provided by the National Trust and State Govt. as the case may be in due course. CGC will be however required to limit the number of caregivers/SHG/SDG according to the budget sanctioned & provided.

G. Annual Target & Revenue for CGC

S NoIncentives/ GrantsAnnual TargetAnnual Revenue to CGC
1Care Giver Cell from the Corpus1,20,000
2Seed Money from the Corpus1,00,000
3Incentive for Enrolment of Caregivers @300 from the Corpus7021,000
4Demand Registration Fees from Care-seekers @2000701,40,000
5Training of Caregivers (1 month) @1000 from the Corpus6060,000
6Training of Caregivers (5months) @1000 from the Corpus1050,000
7Deployment Fees from Caregivers @250pm*4months7070,000
Total to CGC702,20,0003,41,000
Cost on the Corpusper CGC2,20,0001,31,000

H. Target & Revenue for TPA

SNoIncentives/ GrantsAnnual Target*Annual Revenue to TPA from the Corpus
1Nodal Care Giver Cell1,50,000
2Seed Money1,00,000
3Incentive for Enrolment of Caregivers @300*10%70021,000
4Incentive for Demand Registration @2000* 10%7001,40,000
5Training of Caregivers (1 month) @1000 * 10%60060,000
6Training of Caregivers (5month) @1000 * 10%10050,000
7Deployment Fees from Caregivers @250pm*4months*10%70070,000

*Presuming 10 CGCs. It will however progressively increase with setting up of more CGCs every year with more caregivers deployed

I. Target, Budget & Cash Flow Projection

SNParticularsYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9
ABasic Targets
1Setup New CGC101010
2Trainees (1 month course) per CGC606060606060606060
3Trainees (5 month course) per CGC101010101010101010
4Total No. of CGC at the end of the year102030303030303030
5Total No. of Caregivers at the end of the year700210042006300840010500126001470016800
BNon-Recurring Amount (in lakh Rs.)
1Development of Training Module2.00
2Training of Trainers3.
3TPA/NCGC Setup cost1.50
4Seed Money to TPA/ NCGC1.00
5CGC Setup Cost12.0012.0012.
6Seed Money to CGC10.0010.0010.
7Total Non-Recurring Amount29.5025.0025.
CRecurring Amount (in lakh Rs.)
1Recurring Amount to CGC13.126.239.339.3039.3039.3039.3039.3039.30
2Recurring Amount to TPA/NCGC3.416.8210.2310.2310.2310.2310.2310.2310.23
3Total Recurring Amount16.5133.0249.5349.5349.5349.5349.5349.5349.53
DCash Flow (in lakh Rs.) from/to Corpus
ICash Outflow
1Cash Outflow (B+C)46.0158.0274.5349.5349.5349.5349.5349.5349.53
2Outflow on BPL PwD (SHG/SDG)#12.0012.0012.0024.0024.0024.0036.0036.00
3Total Cash Outflow46.0170.0286.5361.5373.5373.5373.5385.5385.53
IICash Inflow
1Opening Balance (OB)57.4953.7243.5624.719.299.6520.5431.03
2Interest on OB @ 10%5.755.374.362.470.930.962.053.10
3National Trust100.0050.0050.00
5Interest on Salary Security$ @ 5000*10%3.5010.5021.0031.5042.0052.5063.0073.5084.00
6Total Cash Inflow103.50123.74130.0986.2482.8283.1894.07116.56138.59
IIIClosing Balance in Corpus57.4953.7243.5624.719.299.6520.5431.0353.06

# : Additional amount may be provided depending on contribution from State and other sources. $: Caregivers salary security principal amount remains untouched.

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