Sakthi Trading Company: Focussing on abilities

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Sakthi Trading Company has integrated disabled persons into it’s corporate vision. More than one-fifth of its employees are persons with disabilities. Sakthi Trading Company is familiar to most of us through its brand of Sakthi Masalas. The company follows H.R. policies that have the right ingredients for a successful and responsible company. The company was founded by P.C. Duraisamy 27 years ago with a meagre investment of Rupees 10,000. Today, it generates a turnover of Rs 331 million. Behind the financial success lies a story of great commitment to the cause of persons with disability. Of the 500-strong workforce of Sakthi Trading Company, an impressive 103 are disabled persons. What’s more, the company employs people with all disabilities: currently it has 35 persons with visual impairments, 10 with hearing impairments, 50 orthopaedically disabled and 8 persons with mental disabilities.

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