Scheme of Integrated Education for the Disabled children

This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme and was launched in 1974 by the then Department of Social Welfare. The Scheme has however been transferred to thedisabled children Department of Education since 1982. Under the scheme, handicapped children are sought to be integrated in the normal school system. Hundred per cent assistance is provided to the States/UTs for education of the children

suffering from certain mild handicaps in common schools with the help of necessary aids, incentives and specially trained teachers.

The following types of disabled children are covered under this scheme:

  1. Children with locomotor handicaps (O.H.)
  2. Mildly and moderately hearing impaired.
  3. Partially sighted children.
  4. Mentally handicapped-educable group (IQ 50-70).
  5. Children with multiple handicaps (blind and orthopaedic, hearing impaired and orthopaedic, educable mentally retarded and orthopaedic, visual impaired and mild hearing handicap).
  6. Children with learning disabilities.

1. The handicapped children are provided the following allowances and facilities under this scheme :

  1. Books and stationery allowance of Rs. 400 per annum.
  2. Uniform allowance of Rs. 50 per annum.
  3. Transport allowance of Rs. 50 per month (if a disabled child admitted under the scheme resides in a hostel of the school within the school premises, no transportation charges would be admissible).
  4. Reader allowance of Rs. 50 per month in case of blind children after class V.
  5. Escort allowance for severely handicapped children with lower extermity disabilities @ Rs. 75 per month.
  6. Actual cost of equipment subject to a maximum of Rs. 2,000 per student for a period of five years.

2. In the case of severly orthopaedically handicapped children, it may be necessary to allow one attendant for 10 children in a school. The attendant may be given the standard scale of pay prescribed for Group ‘D’ employees in the States/U.Ts. Concerned.

3. Disabled children residing in school hostels within the same institution where they are studying may also be paid boarding & lodging charges as admissible under the State Govt. rules/schemes. Where there is no State Scheme of Scholarships to hostelers, the disabled children, whose parents income does not exceed Rs. 3,000 per month, may be paid actual boarding & lodging charges subject to a maximum of Rs. 200 p.m.

4. Severely orthopaedically handicapped children residing in school hostels may need the help of a helper or an ayah, a special pay or Rs. 50 p.m. Is admissible to any employee of the hostel willing to extend such help to children in addition to his/her duties.

5. In a school in rural areas where at least 10 handicapped children are enrolled, capital cost for purchase of school rickshaw for free use of these children and expenses for Rickshaw Puller Rs. 300 p.m. will be provided under the scheme. In such cases, no transport allowance will be payable to the students.

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  1. Hi.
    I am a father of 6years old kid, how is suffering from SMA and where he is not able to stand and walk. He is on wheelchair. He is going to school and studying far from me as in the NCR school has not accepted him by giving 100’s of excuses, thou none of the school said “NO ADMITION” on the face. He is good in studies and getting 98.95% in school exams. I want him to study as much as he can. Please let me know what schooling benefits he can get by government and how. Where should i apply for benefits.

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