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SCOPE REHAB CENTRE & research foundation is an one of a leading multispecialty rehab centre in Tamil nadu, its running past 5 years in Scope Rehab Centre chennairoyapettah,chennai. Our center provides specialized therapy services for children and adolescents to gain optimal level of independence in all spheres of life. We are providing all the services under one roof, we have experienced & trained therapist handling one to one faces, children  are given individual attention, we have treated more then  350 children in that 98% of kids are in main stream education.

Interventions are given to children, adults and family. Family centered approach is emphasized for children to learn and excel in tasks. Dr. Arumugam & Dr. Sugumar, occupational therapists having good experience in the field of pediatrics, are the founder’s of scope rehab center (SRC) we are specialized RC employs an excellent and enthusiastic multidisciplinary team, which comprising of :

  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Special educators
  • Naturopathy and yoga
  • Orthotics
  • Dietician


Speech therapy involves in improvement of all aspects of communication. This involves different techniques to help the child understand, to pronounce words correctly and thereby enhance social use of language, Our speech therapist works on a wide range of skills including :

Non-Verbal communication

1. Teaching through gesture communication,

2. Training with PECS picture exchange cards)

3. Social stories

4. Augmentative and alternative communication

Speech pragmatics E.g : how to say Good Morning

Conversation skills

Concept Skills


Special educator individually plans and systematically monitors arrangement of teaching setting and procedure, equipments and materials. Teaching methods helps the child special needs to achieve higher levels of personal self sufficiency and success in school . Different strategies used by our teacher are :

* Individualized education program (IEP)

* Individualized education and teaching

* Assignments that involves logical thinking and problem solving

* Group work

* Teaching the curriculum through modifications or adaptations, meet the learners needs.


Physiotherapy focus on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, strength and endurance. children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or torticollis are traded by our pediatric physical therapist.

Naturopathy & yoga

Naturopathy & yoga is a way of life & treatment with the great five elements are used scientifically to curing the disease attaining the perfect health by maintaining harmonious and optimum functioning of the body through proper exercise, breathing, meditation, proper diet, rest and relaxation.

Massage therapy :

Manipulations of muscles, nerves, and joints improving the blood circulation strengthening the body organs & secretion of digestive juices and the reflux effect (indirect effect) over the vasomotor center thereby producing dilatation of the blood vessels lymphatic vessels & energy channels .

Benefits of Naturopathy yoga & massage therapy :

* Strengthening the muscles & nerves

* Tone up the internal organs

* Improve the flexibility of joints & ligaments

* Increase physical stamina and physical energy

* Improve concentration, attention and memory power

* Enhance the inner peace

* Very beneficial for hectic stressful and hyperactive mind

* It enhances physical mental spiritual and intellectual balance.


Scope rehab centre


PHONE: +91-9843383930 / +91-9042363867.
044-43510941, (between 10 am-8pm)

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