Self respect and Self confidence -Purshottam Rathore

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About Purshottam Rathore

Self respect and Self confidence -Purshottam Rathore - differently abled

Physical abnormality is a curse in the early childhood. Self respect, confidence, motivation and self determination was the only Mantra to lead to live good and respectable life.Born on 09-09-1973 Purshottam Rathore got afflicted with polio when he was 6 months old.He says his family is the best asset in his life, they had never led him down.Getting education was important for him. Rathore had to travel for 4-5 km to reach school and had to study about 4-6 hours. He actively participated in playing Cricket, Football etc. He actively participated in Indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and also won several prizes in Quiz and Debate competition. He wanted to to Engineering but due certain limitation in he was not able to succeed in getting good rank.

Rathore passed his Graduation in Science and Maths. He had to travel about 18-20 kms daily to reach college by a bicycle. He got a scholarship and completed his Diploma in Computer science and Management with excellent grade. He started his career as a faculty in computer coaching in his own computer centre. Then, he joined in F.P.A.I. (An NGO under International planned and parenthood federation), during that he attended several workshops and seminars regarding Youth and Gender equality, Role of NGOs in upliftment of downtrodden people. He struggled to get good job. He needed an escort with him while traveling and going to another places. He actively participated in social activities and always took keen interest to help needy disable persons. Due to self determination, motivation he got an appointment in NHPC Ltd (A premiere organization in Hydro power sector). Since last 8-9 years, he is serving his duties with great determination and confidence. . Apart from that he has completed First Division in MCA (Computer Science).

It gives him immense pleasure to work with his colleagues, seniors and always help in supporting to discharge his duties with full confidence and determination.

Quick Fire!
1. Favorite movie(s)
DDLJ, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Mohabatein and of course Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam

2. Favorite books
Osho Literature, Tarun Sagar ji Maharaj and Chankya Niti

3. Favorite color
Blue and Black

4. Craziest thing that you have ever done in your life
Maa Vaishnov Devi ki yatra on my feet.

5. If you are marooned on an island what 5 things you would like to keep with you
Laptop with Internet of course, Pen, Diary, Mobile and Wallet

6. Favorite food
Dal, Bati, Churma and Curry (Puru Vegetarian)

7. Your biggest strength
Self respect and Self confidence

8. If you take birth again, who would you like to be born as?
I don’t believe in future and past. One thing is that PRESENT and this is only mine.

9. The thing(s) that you hate
Wastage of money in any aspect

10. The first thing you do right after awaking up in the morning
Nameste to Ganeshji’s Photo

11. The last thing you do before falling asleep in the night
Just pray to GOD for happiness in everyone’s life

12. You prefer sons or daughters?
Of course, Daughter (GOD fulfill my wish too)

13. Oft-repeated word/sentence by you
The body will perish one day, the soul is immortal

14. If world is going to be destroyed in next 5 minutes. What would you do during this time?
Just pray to almighty GOD for all the living creatures will be safe.

15. What was your resolution on the new year?
Nothing Special, I never wait for new year, Every day is new for me

16. The best gift that somebody can offer to you?

17. Your bedroom take fire what would you rescue at first?
Save Myself

18. The town/country that you want to visit?
Paris (France)

19. If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?

20. If you could change one thing your past, what would it be?
Bring back to life my two very good friends of College i.e. Arun Chaudhary & Hitesh Tyagi, they both died at a very young early age.

1. Did you find any problems while you were doing your studies. I mean did lack of infrastructure in the Indian scenario pose any kind of problems for you?

Yes really I found much difficulty in my early childhood due to my disability. When I was in Class 9th my classes were on IInd Floor and I was unable to go there so I sometimes requested my classmates to help me. Sometime they ignored me and used to tell me that they were not my servants. I was determined to do my studies so irrespective of difficulties step by step I used to go my class room and sometimes I got late because of this.Few teachers could understand my problem and but some of them didn’t, but I never complained to anyone not even to my parents
2. How do you manage your day to day activities…a brief description…i.e. with somebody’s help or you are able to cope up with routine activities yourself?

I am very much fond of games especially Cricket, Football, Hockey etc but I was given a chance to play by my friends only when one of the team members was not there or if someone was unfit to play. At that time I used to prove myself.While batting I had to take a runner who could run for me.Most of the time they did not accept me as their team member and used to torture me mentally or physically.They used to tell me that I was not like them and was different from them. I was very much interested in general knowledge but not purchase books so I had to borrow books and magazines and had to return them back them next day. Most of the time I had to manage myself. My family is very supportive and had helped me to lead a good and a happy life.
3. How did you and your wife came together?…was it a love marriage or an arranged one?(answer only if you are married)

When I was young I dreamed of a partner like my friends. God is very great,I am very lucky to have a such a nice partner who is co-operative in every situation. Although we got arrange married but now I can say there is love and nothing else.I was very much pressurized by family and relatives to get married to a physically challenged girl. Everybody thought that no parents would give their daughter to me. But I was very much confident that I would marry to such a girl who would be normal and who would loook after me and my child. Now I am happily married to such a girl and we have a daughter aged 8 years,
4. How do your kids and wife take your physical status??(answer only if you are married)

They both are very supportive and especially my daughter (Bhumika).She always tells me, “Daddy don’t afraid of anyone in life. I’ll be a Doctor and I will treat your leg and you will be able do everything like all my friend’s fathers”. I am very much astonished when they both tell me if I had any problem I should just share with them. Due to some unavoidable reasons, we are not planning for the 2nd child. We all three are very happy and enjoying every moment of our lives.
5. What would you like to change in your life if you got one chance to change?

Obviously, I want that I should recover from this disease. The first thing I would do is run for a long distance on my feet. Second, I have dream of being a Fashion Model.I made my own portfolio also.So I would try to fulfill this dream.It is not easy for me to express my feelings.
6. Do you feel India is a disabled friendly country? What all needs to be done?

Yes, Sometime its very friendly but sometimes people think that we are useless creatures who always depend on others. You don’t feel that we also have right to do what we want. In our country we looked down upon with pity. Sometime they are very ridiculous and abuse us saying that we must have done something bad in our past life, that’s why GOD has punished us. Many people used to say bad things to my parents.But you can’t change their mind set. I don’t have any idea of foreign country because I didn’t get a chance to visit any country till now.
7. What are your hobbies or leisure time activities?

In my childhood most of my time was spent in studying English and General Knowledge. When I grew up my interest increased towards playing Games. I am very good Wicket Kipper and Goal Keeper in football and hockey. As far as indoor games are concerned I love to play Table Tennis and Chess. My hobbies include making new friends, do some noble work for the society. I like politics and now my most loveable thing is Surfing Internet, Chatting, and Driving. I am very much fond of singing and whenever I get time I sing and play some musical instrument. I am very big fan of Mukesh, Mohd. Rafi and Lata Mangeskar.
8 .How do you react when somebody pities you?

No, I never want anyone even from my family and relatives to pity me. I keep on boosting my confidence. I don’t want to take help until it is required. Kindness helps me a lot to achieve the targets assigned to me.
9. What message you would like to give to the persons suffering from some kind disabilities?

That’s really very difficult but I want to say that no one can beat you in your life, if you have an ample knowledge and skill. One must have to give priority to studies, which is the only mantra to my fellow friends. You can buy books from money but the studies will gave you the right platform to prove yourself in the society.
10. Have you ever been discriminated because of your disability?

Sometimes! One day when I was taking a ticket from Railway Ticket Counter, a person standing in queue said, “these handicap persons are very lucky that they get tickets on concessional rates”. I shouted on him and said,” I will give IInd class AC ticket to you for lifetime, but just try to live in my situation for one month”. He fell down and asked me to forgive him.
He says,“Once start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest”

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