SessiO Wheelchair to help differently abled people move around in style

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The SessiO Wheelchair

The SessiO WheelchairThe SessiO Wheelchair by Josh Waite

Josh Waite from London has designed a hub-less chair for the physically disabled with an aim to give the sad wheelchair an eye-appealing existence. Dubbed as SessiO, the amazing product will be controlled and balanced with the help of segway technology, which uses five different gyroscopic sensors to keep the machine balanced.

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The SessiO Wheelchair
Wheelchair three quarter by Josh Waite

The designer has fetched heavy inspiration from Oscar Pistorious, a Paralympics runner, who does not have legs. Despite this fact, Oscar can compete with common folks. This stirred Josh to craft a wheelchair that will give added freedom to the user’s arms and also have easier directional controls. The height of the chair can be adjusted for additional comfort with the push of a button. It can be further manipulated by leaning forward, backward, left or right. It will be best suited for people who have upper body mobility. The chair makes good use of just two wheels, which is possible because of the gyroscopic technology.

The turning circle of the chair has been easily improved by using hub-less wheels. SessiO will be crafted from different materials, depending on the price range. The basic model will be made from sheet aluminum and steel, while one can also opt for the lightweight version in carbon fiber. It can be customized as per a user’s whims and fancies. Upholstery can be chosen from the buyer’s favorite fabric to add a special touch. The chair will lend comfort and can be exploited for heavy usage. SessiO will be a high-end product, so expect it to come with a heavy price tag of approximately £5000.