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This center was started by the Sivabakkiam Trust and duly registered in December 2003 under the Trust Act of Government of India. The Trust has been also This center was started by the Sivabakkiam Trust and duly registered in December 2003 under the Trust Act of Government of India. The Trust has been also [Sivabakkiam Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Persons ] registered by the National Trust under the section 12 of National Trust Act 1999. Trust is managed by qualified and dedicated members who have a strong commitment to the cause of social welfare. It has received the approval of the Rehabilitation Council of India. It has also been accorded recognition by the State Commissioner for Disabled, Government of Tamilnadu for carrying out its welfare activities of rehabilitation for the disabled.registered by the National Trust under the section 12 of National Trust Act 1999. Trust is managed by qualified and dedicated members who have a strong commitment to the cause of social welfare. It has received the approval of the Rehabilitation Council of India. It has also been accorded recognition by the State Commissioner for Disabled, Government of Tamilnadu for carrying out its welfare activities of rehabilitation for the disabled.

1) Sivabakkiam Special School for the Mentally Challenged:

SIVABAKKIAM SPECIAL SCHOOL FOR MENTALLY CHALLENGED AND REHABILITATION CENTER is run by our Trust. This School has instituted tie-ups with the Namakkal District Collector, the Nutrition Dieticians and Village Health Nurses (VHNs) to create awareness and educate on preventive and rehabilitative measures for various categories of the handicapped.  The School also associates with the Self-Help-Group of the handicapped persons in Namakkal District for supporting them in permanent rehabilitation.
The day-to-day administration and management of the various activities are geared towards ensuring total support and rehabilitation services for the mentally retarded and handicapped boys and girls.


  • Currently the School has afforded 78 boys and girls who are mentally retarded and handicapped with all of them below the age of 20.
  • The School offers free boarding and lodging for all its students in the Hostel.  The School gets Feeding Grant from the Special Commissioner for Disabled, Chennai.
  • All the day-to-day activities are guided, supervised and supported by the staff members who are given free boarding and lodging facilities in the Hostel run by the School.
  • The School management has arranged for weekly visits of a Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist and general physician for periodic checkup and medical advice for the benefit of the students.
  • There are  special educators who impart guidance and training on Speech therapy, Sign language, Daily Living Skills like how to eat, dress and undress, caring teeth, face, hair, nails, toilet training, take care of his/her clothing, appearance and personal belonging   and  Vocational skill training which include basic skills to enable the retarded/handicapped students to live normal lives.
  • There is a separate guidance and counseling wing which gives necessary support depending on the requirements of the handicapped children.
  • The School management closely liaison with the District Disabled and Rehabilitation office of the State Government so as to apply for and take the benefit of special schemes meant for this disadvantaged category of children.

Education for all is also one of the objectives of the Center. The School organizes educational programmes for mentally retarded children such as Language development, Motor development, Social development, Physical health, Daily living skills, Recreational and creative expression skill training,Yoga therapy and Work habits and skills.
The School has also initiated job placement and community based rehabilitation programmes by imparting pre-vocational training in identified trades like weaving, handicrafts, goat rearing, diary farm, power loom weaving, and production of bio-fertilizers through on-the-job training and provision of placement services.  Community based rehabilitation programmes are also being conducted with the support of qualified and trained staff.

2) Sivabakkiam Mentally Challenged Adult Home:

Our organization adult home inspired by a conviction regardless of caste, creed or disposition is capable of making a positive contribution to society. Our adult home afford with much compassion for those young adults with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation), who have no place to turn to once they complete their schooling and have to leave their special schools due to age limit.

At our adult home, we give vocational training to these students with detailed personal care and attention. They learn card making and printing, candle making, stationary items, wrapping items and needlework. Special training is imparted in the areas of floor-mat making, Phenol manufacture, Soap oil production and making of Agarbathis. After the training is completed, the School provides raw materials for manufacturing these items to the equivalent of Rs.500 per person so that they can produce the same and sell it in the market thereby recycling the revenue.

In this home, our talented students create precious merchandise painstakingly crafted and decorated products with a great amount of love and attention. These products hold a place of pride at various retail outlets under our Trust banner and are also sold through periodic exhibitions. The humble earnings make its way to our students’ wallets as stipends, which in turn goes a long way in making them feel constructive and valuable.

Along with imparting such skills which provides them to be financially capacitated, they are also equipped with essential life skills like basic reading, writing, working and independent travel.


We are the member of the local level committee (NGO) in Namakkal District appointed under section 13 of the National Trust Act 1999, for the legal guardian and welfare of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.
Our Role
Our LLC Role to screen, appoint and  monitor legal guardian, promote activities such as awareness generation and mainstreaming and  ensure inclusion and convergence of different schemes of Govt. to the disabled.
Statutory Member
As per the NT Act, Our LLCs in Namakkal District is a Representative from an organization registered with the National Trust.
Our Duty
The duty of our LLC in Namakkal District is providing help to achieve the National Trust objectives of affordable Health Insurance to persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities. Our LLC also encourage health services given to the persons with disability and improve the general health condition and quality of life of persons with disability.


Our free type Old Age Home is helping for the destitute old people who have no one else to care for them by  given shelter, food, clothing and medical care. In India, the number of people above 60 will increase to 100 million in 2013 and to 198 million in 2030. India shall soon be a home to the second largest number of older persons in the world. About 50% of population is women and a large percentage (30%) of the elderly are below poverty line. The sorry feature is most of the aged poor are merely existing, without proper food, shelter or medical care. It is very common to see many elderly living as beggars in the big cities. Many die of hunger.

Even at well affluent homes many elderly are neglected and of loneliness they starve to death. The sorry state of elderly living with Middle class and affluent siblings is due to change in our value system. Hence, there is a need of alternative provisions of homes for the aged such as eye-care, walkers and other aids, day-care centers, health-care, mobile Medicare vans etc.,

In this view the dedicated staffs of  our old age home provide a unique caring environment where each person’s choices and interests are given priority, accommodate people from all religion, creed and caste. We promote independence and recognize spiritual needs. We ensure that old age people get familiar surroundings.

We provide both vegetable and non-vegetable meals cooked to a very high standard. We also provide snacks, tea, coffee and milk in morning and the evening regularly.

Our old age home is well maintained and is equipped with washing machines, geyser, refrigerator etc. There is prayer hall and common dining hall. The entertainment room is equipped with color television set. Old aged can make telephone calls, read newspapers and magazines.

Each room has a wide range of specially equipped bathrooms to enable those who are frail or disabled to bathe either alone or with staff assistance Volunteers make regular visit to our old age home and spend time with old aged. We also welcome visitors, who can share their precious time with the elderly here, and offer a walk to the park or temple.

Khadi training is based on the principal of self reliance of Mahatma Gandhi. The center provides training as well as production of floor mat weaving and handicrafts etc. It provides livelihood support to 100 families. In the future, community based khadi projects are proposed to be open.


Make a green environment is the way to protect globe has committed a special project by the following tree plantation measures of Our Trust.

  • Each one has been appreciated to plant a tree in our campus
  • Encourage Massive tree plantation programme in and around the campus

Rewarding and recognizing people who promote tree plantation in any where


The Chairman and Members of the Trust do counseling service to the parents of the students directly
(i) to train their children at home;
(ii) to give timely assistance during crisis period;
(iii) to give anticipatory guidance;
(iv) to provide genetic counseling and
(v) to provide information and guidance to other members of the family in adjusting the children and managing them.


The School organized the following in the year 2007 and 2008 as a mark of other activities to the students studying in the School and the public:

  • Arranged 5 tricycles from the District Disabled Office, Namakkal to the physically handicapped persons on the World Disabled Day on December 3rd, 2007.
  • Offered Hearing aids to 2 hearing impaired persons on the Republic day, i.e. on 26.1.2008.
  • Provided Mobility Training to 3 batches of 12 blind persons each in the month of June 2007, September 2007 and November 2007.
  • Helped 38 Mentally Retarded persons of the School as well as the general public to get National Disability ID cards from the District Disabled Office, Namakkal.
  • Conducted Awareness programme for getting National Disability ID card by the Field Officers of the School to the general public.
  • Employed 5 permanent Mentally Retarded trainable students for Floor mat weaving in the School.
  • Offered 5 Nos. Mobility sticks and brail watches to the totally blind persons.
  • Arranged Nirmaya Health Insurance policies for the 60 economically backward Mentally Retarded students in the School from the National Trust, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, Delhi.
  • Constituted a local level Committee consisting of the District Collector, our School (NGO) and Persons with Disability to hold quarterly meetings to fix guardianship for the Mentally Retarded students and further monitoring in Namakkal District.


Registered Office:
Sivabakkiam Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Person.

2/ 89 Ayakkatupalayam,
Manathi – POST,
Thiruchengode – TK,
Namakkal – 637 212

Sivabakkiam Special School for Mentally Challenged and Rehabilitation Center,
Thiruchengode TK,
Namakkal – 637 212

Phone: 04286 – 200363, 93631 05330, 94423 83910

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