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Social Catalyst chennaiThe Social Catalyst is an Endeavour aimed at bringing about a substantial positive change in the functioning of Non-Government Organizations(NGO), especially small and budding Organizations. These NGOs are initiatives of well intentioned individuals who were interested in contributing to the Society. However, what they lack may be the professional outlook, requisite administrative skills, financial know-how and fund raising techniques. At times, the lack of proper processes might be perceived as lack of transparency with prospective donors and well wishers.

This is where The Social Catalyst steps in. We assist NGOs set up these basic building blocks of a Professional Organization. It is definitely not a quick-fix solution but will be a single-location solution that will offer guidance and technical expertise in all areas concerned.


Key Services:

  • Assist existing NGOs in setting the right process for social work, providing a sustainable structure for finance, fund-raising and self-governance.
  • Assist people with good intentions to setup NGOs and trusts.
  • Execute Social Research specific to Rural and Below-Poverty-Line segments.
  • Mobilize a team of committed volunteers in times of need.

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