Sri Rakum school for the blind

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Sri Rakum school for the blind
The Sri Rakum School for the Blind was opened in June 1998, India. Acharya Sri Rakum, the founder and caretaker of this School, left behind a career in martial arts in Japan and India to pursue what he likes to call the “creative use of his power”

A fighting chance for the blind



The School was founded for children who were born blind or visually impaired. Coming from families living below the poverty line, these children were shunned, denied a childhood and the opportunities to grow into normal adults. As a facility to provide the best education for boys and girls who are blind, the School has never wavered from this mandate. Children from distant villages and tribal regions come to Rakum where they are welcome with open and loving arms. No one has ever been turned back.

Pension Scheme for the old and unemployed

The Old Ladies Pension Scheme

Rakum School at Indiranagar is surrounded by areas where old women with no means of employment or any regular income to support them live.

Rakum took a step in this direction to help them by providing them a monthly pension. On the first day of every month, Seva Day, more than two hundred old women from the neighborhood draw a monthly pension of Rs 100/- each along with food rations for a month.

Unemployed Blind Students Above 30 Years Pension Scheme

Blind students educated at Rakum schools are employed at various places. While some have been lucky with employment, it is more an exception than a rule. In a country that is yet waking up to the reality of the blind, many students face unemployment and have no means to survive until they can support themselves.

Taking a benevolent hand in the matter, Rakum has instituted a pension for blind youth who are unemployed and are above the age of 30. These students are given a monthly pension of Rs 100/- so that they can support themselves.

Acharya Sri Rakum Health Centre

The Acharya Sri Rakum Health Care Centre in Devanahalli was built and donated to us by Mrs. Asha Raju, President of the Inner Wheel Club 2004-2005. It was inaugurated on January 5, 2005 by Mrs. Irene Iandel, International President, Inner Wheel Club.

The hospital caters to the needs of ladies and children in the villages of Devanahalli and surrounding areas. Patients are given free healthcare and medicines.

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