Srilalitha Learning Centre for Special Children

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Sri Lalitha – is a creative school catering for the children in the age group of 5 to 15years with moderate Learning Difficulties, Slow Learners, Drop Outs, Srilalitha Learning Centre for Special ChildrenSpeech Problem, Communication Disorder and Autism. The learning centre seeks to provide a friendly, caring and safe environment in which the children can develop their potential by having equal access to quality educational opportunities and experiences.

Srilalitha Learning Centre (SLLC) does a cognitive profile to find out the areas of disability like reading and language-skills, after which the child can attend sessions to improve their capabilities. It is formed to help the learning disabled children to overcome their problem with a little effort. Lata, who has a practical experience in training and molding special children, helps the children with various skills like reading, elementary maths, writing and language skills which are taught with the help of special aids developed by SLLC.The focus is on all-around development, with an emphasis on vocational training, to make the children self-sufficient. An IEP is prepared for each child taking consideration his/her learning style, strengths and needs.
Children as young as kindergarten and as old as 17 or 20 can be assisted with this supplementary help.  Children studying in regular schools can attend the sessions after school and get assisted in their area of difficulty.
SriLalitha Learning School also conducts regular workshops for teachers and volunteers on special education training.
“A child facing any learning disability should always be given the benefit of doubt and should not be labelled as lazy, unmotivated or stupid. Instead the best way to help the child must be recognized,” is Lata Lakshminarayanan’s plea.

Special Learning Centre

The Learning Centre provides those supplements necessary for the all – round development of the child. Any child whose life is disturbed by problems that interfere with school performance and inter-personal relationships can benefit from this programme. This Centre is started to help children who are admitted and then diagnosed as having mild learning difficulties. The Centre is not equipped to deal with severe cases or any other cases like autism etc Special care is taken to identify the special talents and interests of these students. Adequate care is taken in nurturing these skills and talents along with providing plenty of opportunity to exhibit and further hone these skills. The objective of the learning center is to develop Educated, Cultured and Strong Individuals who will have the preparedness and courage to forge a strong and successful future for them and for the community from which they come. Learning difficulties include reading, spelling, writing and comprehension problems, listening, pronunciations and memory skill. Trained and experienced special educators assess children referred to them by teachers or parents. An IEP (Individual Educational Programme) is prepared for each child taking into considerations his/her learning style, strengths and needs. This programme enables the child to develop the required skills needed to perform at the class level. The school has a center or a resource room to train children with learning difficulties to cope with their problems. Children are taught the skills during selected hours five days a week or on weekend. Close monitoring of the child’s progress also done. The child is given intensive remediation and main streamed at the appropriate time and level.


Sri Lalitha Learning Centre for Special Children

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