State Award to Best Employees and Employers for Differently Abled : Kerala

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DescriptionThere are total 18 awards for physically handicapped employees.  There are 2 awards each for blind, deaf, locomotor disabled employees for government sector, private sector and public sector.  One awards each for best placement employers in government, private and public sector.  One award is given each for welfare institutions for handicapped in the different categories of blind, deaf, locomotor and mentally retarded.
BeneficiariesPermanent handicapped employees working in public, private and government sectors, Best placement agencies (govt., private & public) and handicapped welfare institutions.
BenefitsBest-Handicapped employees get Rs.10,000/- Certificate and institutions get Rs.5000/- and certificate.
Eligibility criteriaCentral/State/Public/Private Sector employees who are handicapped can apply.  A Central/State/Public Sector institution which has 2% of total employees handicapped can apply.  Welfare institutions for handicapped for blind, deaf and dump, locomotor disability and mental retardation can apply.
Application of handicapped employees must be recommended by the head of the office.  Medical certificate, photo to prove disability should be along with the application.  Employees and institution who got award once are not encouraged.
How to availThe application forms are obtained from District Social Justice Officers.  Applicant must fill it completely and submit to their offices with concerned details within the last date published by Social Justice Department each year. (must fill in English only)

Rules for making selection of candidates for the State Awards for Outstanding Employers and the most efficient Physically Handicapped Employees  and APPLICATION FORM