State Nodal Agency

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State Nodal Agency Centre (SNAC) and State Nodal Agency Partner (SNAP) are the institutional arrangements of the National Trust at the State/UT and Divisional levels to support and take forward its activities. One SNAC in every State/UT and one SNAP for around 10 districts in every State/UT are appointed from amongst the  reputed and well established NGOs registered with the National Trust.

Did You Know That

Every SNAC/SNAP has to “know” its area i.e. has to keep comprehensive information about other NGOs, Govt. functionaries & other stakeholders in its area. A data base in prescribed format has to be prepared and shared with the National Trust.

Every SNAC and SNAP has to appoint a Co-ordinator to exclusively carryout the activities of the National Trust.

The jurisdiction of SNAC extends to the entire State/UT.

Juridiction of every SNAP has to be determined by SNAC in consultation with all the SNAPs in the state.

A State Level Co-ordination Committee (SLCC) headed by the State Secretary and SNAC as its convenor (member secretary) has been constituted to provide a forum to interact and liaison with the State Govt. and to ensure greater co-ordination & co-operation among different stakeholders in carrying out the activities for the welfare of PwDs.

Grants Released

Grant in aid  released under SNAC/SNAP (institutional fees only) for the period from 1.10.09 to 31.3.10 (arrear) and from 1.4.10 to 30.9.10 (in advance).

Grants have been released to scheme holders on the basis  of

  • Demand received with requiste details within the due dates
  • Niramaya Application IDs in case of Samarth
  • Inspection reports in case of Samarth
  • Prescribed Eligbility criteria for beneficiaries
  • Scheme guidelines
  • Utilisation reports/ certificates
  • Adjustment of excessive/unutilised  grant given earlier for Oct’09-March’10 in view of  current positions/ reports