Success story of differently abled tailoring trio

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Sheer hard-work and commitment enables a person achieve much in life. This has been proved yet again by three deaf and dumb yet highly-skilled tailors.Success story of differently-abled tailoring trio
For past over two decades, S. Paramjeet Singh, Aijaz Ahmad Bhat and Rabindar Singh are stitching clothes at a tailoring shop at Magarmal Bagh here and earning their livelihood with dignity.
Despite being deaf and dumb, the trio has over the years, added to a long list of customers with their ability and agility. With their customers, they communicate through gestures and at times few written words with ease.
For them, the successful communication with the customers fulfills the much-needed purpose of doing the business smoothly.
The tailors stitch clothes to the best satisfaction of their customers and this is what has earned them a good clientele over past years.
“In 1998, a friend introduced me to the tailors and I got pants and shirt stitched. Since then, I am their permanent customer as they are bestowed with good skill and have always kept their word with regard to the delivery of (stitched) clothes,” said Muzamil Ahmad of Magarmal Bagh.
S. Paramjeet Singh, who heads the team, is originally froom Beerwah in Budgam district. He migrated from there to Chanapora in 1987 and few years later, started a tailoring shop at Magarmal Bagh here.
Aijaz Ahmad Bhat, 37 of Pupu Batamaloo, also joined him as they knew each other. Sometime later, Rabindar Singh, who knew Aijaz, also joined.
Despite being unable to talk and hear, the trio has developed good understanding among themselves and more importantly with their customers.
“They stitch almost all types of clothes – gents’ pants, shirts, kameez-shilwar, and even coats. They, however, do not stitch ladies; clothes,” informs Fayaz Ahmad, who runs a grocery shop adjacent to ‘name-less’ tailoring shop.
“They (the tailors) communicate with their customers through gestures; and if a customer fails to understand them, which rarely happens, they (tailors) make him understand by means of few written words,” Ahmad added.
To a question of this reporter, Paramjeet, the lead tailor, wrote on paper (in English), “We work and do good business.” And to another question, he explained through gestures that their customers were also satisfied with their work.
Paramjeet is father of two children. His daughter is studying in 11th and son in BA Ist year.
Rabindar is planning to get married in near future.
Unlike Paramjeet, he does not know much of writing but can write few misspelled words. Aijaz Ahmad is also married and has no issues as yet.
The trio shares a warm good relationship among themselves, sharing not only their meals but their joys and sorrows as well.

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