Tamil Nadu Federation of Voluntary Agencies

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TAFVA an acronym for Tamil Nadu Federation of Voluntary Agencies is a federation initiated by the consistent efforts of 984 registered and professionally managed voluntary agencies contributing to social transformation in all districts throughout Tamil Nadu. Right from inception in 2004 TAFVA has been actively engaged in strengthening the development modules adopted by its federation members. It has been engaged in confidence building, resource sharing, knowledge management, policy advocacy, efficacy building and other means of support to all its members. TAFVA is backed indirectly by the active participation of more than 5,00,000 self help groups having a total membership of 10,000,000 individuals constituting both men and women throughout the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

Our Vision
To create a dignity based society

Our Mission
Effective social transformation through enlightenment by voluntary agencies

Our Aim
We aim at promoting voluntarism through marked human values, profound professional deeds to attain effective social transformation.

Our Objectives:

  1. To generate awareness among voluntary agencies about the emerging issues and rights concerned.
  2. To assist voluntary sector in knowledge sharing, capacity building and linkage with resources at state, national and international in corporate, public and private sectors.
  3. To act as a platform for state, national and global level advocacy, coordination and action to support and promote voluntarism and voluntary action.
  4. To assess and award the performance of voluntary agencies and encourage them to attain sustainable voluntary action.
  5. To develop state level resource centres and ensures they are regularly utilized by all voluntary agencies and donor agencies.
  6. To regularly publish the state level voluntary actions and disseminate development related information’s to update knowledge repertoire of people engaged in voluntary sector


All our members have the privilege of being listed free in the Members’ Directory on our website www.tafva.org. We also give links to all our members from TAFVA website to access information pertaining to current happenings in the voluntary sector. This helps them gain visibility both nationally and internationally.

Representation & Lobbying

TAFVA is the authentic voice of the voluntary sector in Tamil Nadu and it lobbies for all voluntary sector matters before the Central & State Governments. TAFVA is particularly active in presenting various policies, regulations, pin pointing the constraints and loop holes in the existing policies and advisories. By sharing views and problems, our members help us in representing their specific matters and the issues facing the voluntary sector more effectively to the Central & State Governments and their agencies.

Information Service

TAFVA also maintain a database on global & Indian voluntary organisations. We also keep information on various aspects of the voluntary sector including sector specific NGOs, academic institutions, consultants and consultancy firms involved in the voluntary sector. Such information is communicated to our members generally through our news magazine and specifically on request from other stakeholders.


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