The Global Dream Factory – Kanthari

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The Global Dream Factory – Kanthari
To provide an incubator and spring board for visionaries who are able to transform concepts and conventions, by offering specially developed, high quality and relevant leadership training.

Through intensive training, kanthari International equips participants with all the techniques, methods and ideas they need to start up and run effective, relevant social projects all over the world.

The Global Dream Factory – Kanthari

The Global Dream Factory – Kanthari, Kerala, India

kanthari Colors

Green kanthari – Initiator

Initiators want to create ethical social change by starting grassroot projects with innovative approaches. Schools for marginalized, training centers for the blind, environmental projects are only some of many examples of initiatives that make the world a better place.

Yellow kanthari – Inventor

Yellow kantharis create new products, strategies or concepts for social change. They can be active in the areas of environment, computer technology, accessibility for people with disabilities, agriculture, education and many more. The goal of their invention is to improve the living conditions of marginalized groups or protect the environment.

Orange kanthari – Social Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs use business as a tool for sustainable social change. The goal is not to make profit, but to use business to find ways to create structures that benefit those who are usually left out.

Red kanthari – Advocacy

Red kantharis fight for a world free from discrimination, negative attitudes or harmful norms. Their goal is to provoke a mind set change in their communities through advocacy.

Purple kanthari – Artists

Artists use their creativity and art as a tool for making a difference. Musicians, painters, authors, film makers and many more provoke a positive mind set change through their work.

Kanthari Intro

An introduction to kanthari in Trivandrum, Kerala.
Founded by Sabriye Tenberken and partner Paul Kronenberg, kanthari selects participants from all over the world for this intensive leadership traini…

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