Things to Consider Before Buying a Wheelchair

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Things to Consider Before Buying a WheelchairWheelchairs are mobility equipment designed for persons with physical limitations particularly the disabled and handicapped. This type of equipment helps them move about and have some kind of independence or freedom despite the challenges they face every day. So choosing the right kind of wheelchair is important for them and if we have a loved one who is physically challenged, we would also want to provide them the best possible wheelchair we can get.

There are a lot of choices for wheelchairs nowadays. This equipment is not so rare anymore so keeping in mind some essentials to be able to choose the one which will fit the person who will use it is crucial.

Look into the following things advised by occupational and physical therapists before getting a wheelchair:

* Level and Type of Injury
What kind of disability does the person who will use the wheelchair have? Is he or she going to be using the wheelchair for a long time or for just a short period like while undergoing recovery?

* Age
Is the user a child or an adult? This factor is relevant to get just the right size of wheelchair.

* Body Type
Does the user have a small and slender body type, have an average body and weight or a big build especially if he’s a man?

* Endurance
Is the wheelchair going to be used indoors or outdoors? Is it going to be used for any kind of sports if ever?

With these in mind, you may consider choosing between the three main types of wheelchair:

* Lightweight wheelchair
* Standard wheelchair or
* Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair seems to fit the needs of many, recently because of the various models it offers for any age and body build. When it comes to endurance, the electric wheelchair can be used both indoors and outdoors so it’s more practical and reasonable. It also caters to different capacities of the user since the varying models may provide different kinds of drive control and speed, frame (whether fixed or folding), seat systems (such as reclining, titling, standing up or elevating), and other types of support like footrests, armrests, leg rests and neck support.

Another thing to keep in mind before purchasing a wheelchair, especially an electric wheelchair is the company from where you’ll be buying it. Look for the reliability of the company such as its history in wheelchair trading, the terms of warranty on the wheelchair and its parts and their servicing support in case the wheelchair needs a part exchange or repair. Some companies even provide insurance for their equipment.

Keep these in mind and if possible, don’t rush into buying a wheelchair. Look at different designs and models until you find the best fit for your loved one. It can be their source of freedom and happiness in the long run.