Training and rehabilitation of unprivileged members of society

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The TRUST (Training and rehabilitation of unprivileged members of society) is a charitable organization, that provides comprehensive care for the Training and rehabilitation of unprivileged members of society - trichyunderprivileged mentally challenged people. TRUST is a registered society under the India Income Tax Act 1961 Section Welcome

80G (C. No. 6162F(134)/2001-02CIT-I/TRY and FCRA No. 076040366).TRUST has also the Government of India clearance for contributions of Foreign funds: Reg. No.: 076040366; Nature: Economic Educational and Social.

TRUST Society, a non-profit,non-religious,Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Trichy – Tamil Nadu in India, founded by Dr.K.Ramakrishnan and K.Prabhakar, is one of the few famous charity organizations for mental-health in South India. It is run by a group of doctors, medical personnel and dedicated social workers with financial support from the founders and few other philanthropists. T.R.U.S.T is actively working for the cause of mental disability, wandering mental illness and provides comprehensive mental care for the underprivileged people of the society in & around districts of Trichy.

The TRUST’s humble beginnings trace back to 1994, when Dr.K.Ramakrishnan began his work in mental health field by starting a Neuropsychiatry centre in Trichy and dedicated 1 floor in a 4-storey hospital facility for the TRUST activities and contributed free professional services, time & part of his earnings to the welfare of mental health rehabilitation, day care, occupational-therapy & suicide prevention programs. TRUST, registered & established in year 2000 with the objective of supporting the underpriviledged mentally ill and wandering destitutes – is actively working for the cause of mental illness and provides comprehensive care for the underprivileged mentally disabled, destitute, patients.

TRUST in the last decade extended help & succour and a new lease of life to nearly 2000 unfortunate persons from mentally challenged, wandering, abandoned or orphaned to old dying destitutes. The center provides individualized services, treatment, care, rehabilitation and education to those in distress. After registering as a Society in 2000, since then the institution has grown from strength to strength and it now houses and cares for more than 300 mentally disabled and its growing every day.

The services of the TRUST are


Rehabilitation, Occupation therapy, suicide prevention centre,


A national integrity project with Residential Home for mentally ill and destitute, homeless wanderers, who are poor, men/women/children, educated/illiterate and from all religions and from all parts of India. These clients are housed, medically cared for and counseled for their full recovery and return to normal life. Every effort is made to reunite the cured and rehabilitated clients with their families or other foster families and/or find meaningful job opportunities for their economic well being.


Alcohol Anonymous & Crisis Intervention Centre,


Community Awareness & Rural mental health education,

TRIMAS (Trust Research Institute of Mental Health and Social Sciences)

Imparting the knowledge of psychiatry, psychopharmacology and skills of social work in the mental health field.

Amudha Surabhi

Fund to provide food for the mentally disabled patients at the Shelter -Shanthivanam ( Residential Home for Mentally Ill and Destitute) Trichy,Tamil Nadu , India

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