UDAVI Society – Upliftment of democratic and village improvement

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Is a voluntary organization registered  under Tamil Nadu Societies registration Act 1975 in the year 1993. The organization functions with an ideology to ensure rights of women and children with special focus on the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the society. With this value basis Udavi works with:
Street Children
Child Labour
Persons With Disability
People Living with HIV / AIDS
Women at Risk
Disaster Prone Communities
Displaced Communities
Development of a thoughtful conscientised society that believes in the quality of opportunities for the development and social justice.
Undertaking action oriented, people centered sustainable development activities for enhancing the quality of life of individuals, families and communities for bringing about a new just social order.
Community Based Rehabilitation for Persons with Disability

UDAVI Society - Upliftment of democratic and village improvementIndia’s disability census report, brings to light the fact that two out of every hundred Indians suffer some form of mental or physical disability. The country’s first comprehensive headcount of mentally and physically challenged people, released in 2004, states that there are 21,906,769 disabled people in India the disability rate being 2.13%. As the report reveals the increase in the number the attitude towards differently abled persons is yet to take a positive turn. It was just two decades ago a more empathetic term “Differently Abled” had its origin, coined by the US Democratic National Committee. The term is yet to be universalized and substitute the conventional label “Disability” and its crudest version, “Handicap” implying a longer way for attitudinal changes in favor of differently abled persons. If this be the attitude and status of disability, imagine what the combo of disability with poverty would spell.

Poverty among the urban population has many deterring effects and foremost of them would be inability to fulfill basic needs and the absence of cohesion within the community. In such an unfavorable scenario, differently abled persons in urban slums are doubly marginalized and vulnerable since they have to bear the brunt of socio economic status coupled with their physical/mental conditions. Apart from toiling under grave poverty, ripped off basic amenities, the differently abled have very less access to medical facilities and are denied support services. Inaccessibility to therapeutic measures is a part of economic deficiency and low self esteem characterized in differently abled is attributed to the need for belonging and self sufficiency.

“Community Based Rehabilitation Programme for Differently Abled” was the project that addressed the needs of this group integrating their physical and psychological well being:

Disabled Peoples Organization
Rehabilitation on Wheels
Linkages and Network

Reaching out to

This project initiated in the year 1999 till date covering 32 slums in Central Chennai addressing Orthopaedically Handicapped, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, Mentally Challenged, Speech Impaired, Mentally Ill, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy, Multiple Disability.


23 differently abled children undergone corrective surgery
302 differently abled person facilitated to receive Disabled certificates from the government
202 differently abled  individuals given aids and appliances
55 youth provided vocational training
266 differently abled persons mobilized into 27 Disabled peoples Organizations and 39 MR parents into 5 Parents Associations
30 differently abled youth referred for  job placement
13 mentally challenged children are extended service through home based care, 6 children referred for institutional based care, 23 children attend special school, and 7 children enrolled in regular schools


Registered Office
No.2 – B, Gandhi Nagar, Maduranthakam, Chengalpattu – 603 306
Administrative Office
No. 8/2  V.O.C II Cross Street,  Ist  Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai-600102.
Telephone : 044-26630477,  Email : udavi@eth.net
Field Office I
HIV/AIDS Intervention Project
No.15/7, Padiputhu Nagar, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai – 600 101
Telephone : 044-26567153.
Field office II
Shelter for street children
No. 29 A, 10th Street, Jai nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai
Field Office III
Tsunami rehabilitation
No. 12636, Kannagi Nagar, Thuraipakkam, Chennai – 97
Field Office IV
Tsunami Rehabilitation
No. 1479, Chemenchery, Kancheepuram District, Chennai – 116.