Uddyam Prabha Scheme

An Incentive Scheme to Promote Economic Activities for Self-Employment of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and multiple disabilities.


Promoting income generating economic activities for self-employment of persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities through incentives.


Uddyam Prabha Scheme Persons with aforesaid disabilities, due to the uniqueness and severity of their disabilities are further marginalized in earning their livelihood even compared to persons with other disabilities. In fact persons with such disabilities, when given an opportunity, have surprisingly excelled in many fields and have even competed with the best in the world. It is in this context, the Scheme envisages providing some financial incentives to persons with such disabilities for undertaking economic activities for their self-employment by availing loans from financial institutions, banks etc.


Incentive will be provided for availing loan for any income generating economic activity.


(1) Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities

(2) Age 18 years or above

(3) Loan for income generating activities from recognized financial institutions, banks etc.

(4) No default in repaying the loan.Incentive

Incentive upto 5% for BPL and 3% for other categories will be given per annum upto 5 year on a loan amount upto Rs.1 lakh. For example, an eligible person below poverty line will get upto 5% of 1 lakh loan amount i.e. Rs. 5000/- pa for 5 years.


The scheme aims to benefit 1000 persons every year.


  • Applications, in plain paper, can be submitted throughout the year on first come first serve basis. Application Format is annexed for illustration only.
  • All applications will be received and scrutinized by SNACs on behalf of the National Trust. In States/ UTs not having SNAC, the National Trust may authorize any agency to receive and scrutinize applications on its behalf or may even receive applications directly. All applications shall be forwarded, with suitable recommendations, by the first week of the following months to the National Trust for approval.
  • On approval, the incentive will be disbursed directly to the loan account of the applicant on every successful completion of loan year.
  • Approved applicants may seek further guidance or assistance from SNAC/National Trust or its authorized agency to successfully carry out the economic activities.


All approved cases will be closely monitored by SNAC/ authorized agency. At the end of every loan year, a report shall be furnished to the National Trust which will form the basis for continuance of disbursement of incentive.

Such monitoring shall continue even after the expiry of the loan period for at least another 5 years to ascertain the effectiveness of the Scheme.

List of Enclosures

    • Attested copy of disability certificate.
    • Attested copy of proof of loan received, loan account no., Interest rate, repayment mode, period and EMI.
    • Details of the project for which loan is taken.
    • Any other relevant documents.
Application Format

1. Name ________________________________________

(As in Matriculation certificate / school records)

2. Address ______________________________________



3. Tel no. (of any) __________________________

Date of Birth_________________________________

4. Sex (Please specify M-for male, F-Female) : __________

5. (i) Type of disability (Please specify) ________________

(Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation or Multiple Disabilities)

6. Percentage of disability (Pl. enclose an attested copy of disability certificate)

7. Purpose of Loan :

(Pl. attach details, if any)

8.Details of Loan taken

(a)Name of the Institution,  branch and address from which loan taken
(b)Loan Account No.
(c)Amount of Loan
(d)Rate of Interest
(e)Mode of Repayment
(g)Security given for the  loan
(h)Any other relevant information

Name & Signature of the applicant