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Mental retardation has an impact on all areas of life such as social, educational, health and economics. Vidya sudha - Mental retardation chennai

While knowledge of both the causes and ways to prevent mental retardation has grown enormously, comprehensive programs for prevention are not consistently implemented or used. Comprehensive programs must include biomedical advances, public education, socio-economic interventions, preventive health care and elimination of environmental hazards.


Vidya Sudha is committed to reducing the incidence and limiting the consequences of mental retardation through education, research, advocacy and by supporting people with mental retardation, their families, friends and the community.

Vidya Sudha believes that every person has the right to grow and develop in nurturing environments that are free from abuse and neglect, free from disease, safe from injury and free from the effects of poverty.

Prevention efforts must include:

  • Prenatal, perinatal and postnatal care, including frequent physical/developmental checks and adequate nutrition as well as available and accessible support services, including genetic counseling, to high-risk populations
  • Education on the risks of exposing the fetus to X-rays, smoking, alcohol and drugs, prescription and non-prescription medications, and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Immunization against contagious diseases prior to pregnancy
  • Mandatory newborn screening programs done within a timeframe that guarantees accurate results and treatment for metabolic disorders such as phenylketonuria, galactosemia and hypothyroidism
  • Mandatory immunization of children for all preventable, contagious diseases
  • Education emphasizing the risks of the use of aspirin with children
  • Education, policies and programs to prevent childhood injuries resulting in mental retardation, including mandatory use of seat belts, safety seats and helmet
  • Removal of environmental contaminants which are known contributors to mental retardation


As part of an effort to add continuous services Vidya Sudha proposes to start Evening Clinics. These evening clinics will function between 4 p.m & 7 p.m everyday & will serve all disabilities across all age groups. Some of the specialists available at the evening clinic are :

  • Psychologists
  • Special Educators
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physio Therapist

For further details please contact 24766569 to make your appointments


In an effort to spread awareness about prevention of mental retardation , we have initiated a prevention programme. Any group of individuals or organization can approach us for a training programme and we can help spread the important message of prevention.

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