Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for Differently abled

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The Vocational Rehabilitation centre for Differently abled at chennai has been established by the Government of India Ministry of Labour & Employment under the Directrorate Ceneral of employment and Training in the year 1976. This is one of the 17V. R.C.s that have been so far established in the country.

Models of Remedial Ability Introspection:

Let us understand this complex phenomenon through four models. The first model is ability model, the second model is structural ability development model, the third model is functional ability development model and the fourth model is remedial ability development model.

First Model – The Ability Model

Second Model – The Structural Ability Development Model

Third Model – The Functional Ability Development Model

Fourth Model – The Remedial Ability Development Model

Directors :

The directors of Ability India are Dr. Krishna Chandra and Mrs. Chander Kanta.

You can obtain the full “Ability Model” on CD. Please refer to the contact information given below for further details.

Dr. Krishna Chandra is a rehabilitation psychologist and ability consultant since last thirty years (1973). He is a B. Sc. (Biology) and M. A. (Psychology). He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational and Vocational Guidance (NCERT) and has completed his Ph. D. (Psychology) on the topic “A study of attitude change of physically disabled”. He possesses a certificate in the welfare and rehabilitation of handicapped from the government of United Kingdom and has successfully completed and negotiated the program of advance study in the service development of persons with disabilities from NISW, London. He also completed computer application in management of VRC from ATI-EPI, Hyderabad and management of field offices from ISTM, New-Delhi.

He is a Presidential National Award Winner, 1988 as Outstanding placement officer of the handicapped. He has dealt with hundreds of thousands of persons having aberrations in life abilities and persons with differential abilities. He has published numerous research papers in reputed journals. He presented networking model and ability development model in 1999.

They have acquired substantial skills and experience experimental studies and professional practice related to development of ability among adolescents, youths and adults requiring special skills to excel in life.

If you are interested to work through this ability vision system of ability development, please contact us through the following information:

Dr. Krishna Chandra or Mrs. Chander Kanta

Postal address:

Dr. Krishna Chandra, Deputy Director (Rehabilitation)
Vocational Rehabilitation Centre for the Handicapped (DGE&T, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Gov. of India)
Guindy House, CTI Campus, Guindy
Chennai – 600 032
Tamil Nadu (INDIA)

Telephone: +919445021935 (Mobile), +914422501534 (Office)

email: drkchandra123@yahoo.co.in

Location Map:


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