WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair

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WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair
As a RedDot Award Honorable Mention of 2014, the WHILL Type-A is an electric model currently gearing up for both Japanese and United States markets. It showcases a forward-posture option, wheels with a small turning radius, and the ability to clear curbs up to 3 inches high. While its four-wheel-drive capabilities can hand grass, dirt, gravel, and snow, it’s still narrow enough to maneuver within most small spaces. Its PC-style mouse controller can be mounted on either the right or the left side and users additionally have their choice of options for back support. While preorders and requests for test drives are now being accepted on their website, the WHILL Type-A has yet to be considered as a medical device by the FDA and therefore hasn’t received their clearance.

Hands-on with the Whill wheelchair at CES 2014

Ben Popper takes the Whill, a electric wheelchair with an emphasis on design and technical innovation, for a test drive.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our unique front wheels achieve excellence in both mobility and maneuverability so you can be more independent.

Cut Edge Wheel Technologies - WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair

Cut Edge Wheel Technologies – WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair

The all-around wheel technology can rotate you on the spot with minimal turning radius. In addition, the front wheels are large enough to avoid getting stuck in cracks and clear bumps and curbs up to 3 inches (7.5 cm) high.

Powerful Terrain Coverage

Powerful Terrain Coverage - WHILL Type-A Wheelchair

Powerful Terrain Coverage

Go over grass, dirt, gravel and snowy grounds in this four-wheel-drive vehicle. With its high power torque combined and the large front wheels measuring at 9.8 inch (25 cm) radius, you can easily maneuver through rough terrains.

Intuitive Controllers

The directional controller works like your computer mouse – intuitive and accurate. The speed controller lets you shift between high (6mph), medium (4mph), and low (1mph) speed mode.

Intuitive Controllers WHILL Type-A wheelchair

Intuitive Controllers WHILL Type-A wheelchair

Position of the controllers are interchangeable so a right-handed person and a left-handed person can both use with ease. Controllers are placed on opposite arms. We offer other shapes of controllers to fit your needs. .

WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair

Easy Transfer : WHILL Type-A Powered Wheelchair

Bluetooth LE Software Integration

Bluetooth LE software integration - WHILL Type-A wheelchair

Bluetooth LE software integration – WHILL Type-A wheelchair

Adjust the settings on your iPhone to manage WHILL Type-A. The original app can set sensitivity of the controller, maximum speed and acceleration. Take your customization to a whole new level.

Manufactured by: WHILL, Japan

Contact Details
WING Morino 105, 3-18-17 Morino Machida,
TokyoJapan – 141-0031
Phone: +81 (03) 5843-8652
Fax: +81 (03) 6369-3006
Email: info@whill.jp

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