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You Can Trust - You Change Autism NowYOU CAN TRUST – “You Change Autism Now” – (An ISO9001 Certified Company) is an institution and a charitable trust created especially for children with autism who really need a special training to overcome their mental, physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities. Children with Mental retardation, Autism, ADHD, ADD, LD, PDD or other similar neuro-developmental disorders are trained here with various therapies.


Behaviour Therapy
Floor-time Therapy
Music Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Aquatic Therapy

You Can Trust - You Change Autism NowAs a parent you may worry about your child’s development. You or someone close to you might have noticed that your child’s speech is delayed, or that they seem to be detached from you. There can be many reasons for a child’s development being delayed. One of those could be the presence of Mental retardation or Autism, ADHD, ADD, LD, PDD or other similar developmental disorders.

If your child has a developmental delay and is suspected of having an Autism Spectrum or other such neuro development disorders, you are strongly advised to have your child assessed. You should arrange for an assessment as soon as possible because the more delay the more difficult it would be.

Child researches all over the world have proved that for any special needs child should be given various therapies to overcome their Mental, Physical, Cognitive, Emotional and Learning disabilities.

You Can Trust will do?

At You Can Trust, usually various professionals (Psychologist, a Speech therapist, doctor, an Occupational therapist, a Sensory Integration therapist and a Special educator) will be involved in the assessment. Autism Spectrum or similar disorders cannot be diagnosed using biological tests, such as a blood test or any such. Usually, lab tests and other medical tests are normal in kids with those disabilities, but doctors may do them to make sure the kid doesn’t have other problems. Your child will be assessed using fair and real observations involving

  • A developmental history
  • Cognitive testing
  • Speech and language testing
  • Behavioural observations

These observations can be made over several appointments, or during one ‘multi disciplinary’ assessment session.

Once the assessment has been completed the team will decide if your child meets the criteria for a diagnosis of Autism or other disorders. The assessment team will also explain to you their specific diagnosis, or where your child fits on the spectrum. However, there’s still no medicine for autism and similar disabilities.

The child will need therapies, but what kind? What works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for the other diagnosed with autism. Although autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors, children and adults may exhibit many different combinations of these behaviors, to any degree of severity. Two children, both with the same diagnosis, may act very differently and have varying aptitudes. So it is assessed and given the right one to the right child. Specific therapies for autism will be based on a number of factors including:

  • Your child’s age, overall health, and medical history
  • Extent of the disorder
  • Your child’s symptoms
  • Your child’s tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies
  • Expectations for the course of the disorder
  • Parent’s opinion or preference

Considering all the factors, You Can Trust aids in the following manners:


You Can Trust educate parents, teachers, physicians, professionals, etc, and the effective remedies to be implemented for treating children with autism, by conducting camps, regular weekend sessions, etc.


You Can Trust advocates for parents and teachers towards how best to take care of children impacted by autism. You Can Trust advocate for effective autism treatments, such as

  • Behavior Therapy
  • Occupation Therapy
  • Play / Floor-Time Therapy
  • Speech Therapy/Communication Therapy
  • Sensory Integration Therapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Special Education Therapy
  • Yogasanas
  • Self Help Training
  • Other therapies, etc,

To various school districts, government agencies, villages & towns, and other funding sources and media organizations.


You Can Trust provide total support for parents and children impacted by autism. You Can Trust provide support from experienced parents and through membership. We facilitate and coordinate reference material lending for local libraries as well as You Can Trust members. We support for the continual education of various above listed therapies for both existing and new teachers. You Can Trust, supports interventions that stress objective, direct assessment methods; independent verification of treatment effects; evaluation by scientific methods; benefits that are clinically or educationally significant; respect for individuals with autism/PDD and high ethical standards.

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