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election Manifesto 2019 for persons with disabilities

BJP Manifesto 2019 for Persons with disabilities

  • Accessibility & Safe – To Take forward the gaines achieved under Sugamya Bharat, we will put in place a system of continous accessibility audits and ratings for cities, public infrastrcture including airports, railway stations and public transport systems, to ensure that they are fully accessible with collaboration with industry and civil society organizaions.
  • Housing – we will priortize divyang beneficiaries under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and mandate accessibility benhmarks to be met in Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.
  • Education – Anganwadi and pre-school system will be strengthened to ensure that cases of disabilities are detected at an early stage.
  • Finance & GST – we will offer higher interest rates on fixed deposits by divyangs

Congress Manifesto 2019 for Persons with disabilities

Accessibility & Safe

  • Public spaces, public transport, public premises and other public facilities in towns and cities will be made safe for women, children, persons with disabilities, migrants and marginalised sections of society. More women will be appointed to government and municipal jobs in towns and cities.
  • All public services and public spaces, govern- ment offices and private premises will be made in- clusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.
  • Will set up an information portal to enable easy access to information on all 21 disabilities included in the Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 and to create awareness on the rights of persons with disabilities.


Will establish a National Centre of Research and Excellence for Special Education to ensure that quality education is imparted to children with special needs and children with disabilities.

Finance & GST

All assistive and adaptive aids, appliances and devices will be zero-rated under the GST 2.0 regime.


Congress will revise the procedure to determine the disability of injured armed forces personnel and make the determination final subject to an appeal only at the instance of the disabled person. All pending appeals filed by the Ministry of Defence will be withdrawn.


  • Articles 15 and 16 of the Constitution will be amended to prohibit discrimination on the ground of ‘disability’ or ‘impairment.’
  • Congress promises to direct all Ministries and Departments to cause a quick review of their policy statements and programmes in order to ensure that they acknowledge, protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities.
  • We will propose an Amendment to the Constitution to recognise the Braille script and Sign Language as languages.


Will allocate sufficient funds to promote sports among girls and women, persons with disabilities and disadvantaged groups such as Scheduled Tribes.


Accessibility & Safe

  • Making all buildings, public places, all modes of transport, information and other avenues fully accessible and barrier free for people with disabilities; provision of sign language interpreters; making TV and other broadcast media accessible for the deaf /hard of hearing and the visually impaired.
  • Steps to make public spaces safer for women; ensuring safe access to all public places for women with disability;


Households with PwDs should have first claim on all land distribution programmes of government surplus land as well as ceiling surplus land.


  • Expansion of The Right to Education Act to include all children from the age of 3-18 years. Special provisions for the inclusion of children with disabilities.
  • Making education at all levels inclusive. Make school infrastructure and curriculum inclusive. Making Health facilities accessible and free for persons with disabilities.

Finance & GST

  • Implementation of the provisions of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act and the Mental Health Care Act supported by adequate budgetary allocations.
  • Free provision of aids and appliances. Zero GST with input tax credit on aids, appliances and vehicles used by disabled persons.


  • Harmonising all laws in the country in tune with the United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Reviewing and amending the National Disability Policy.
  • Proper enumeration of all persons with disabilities as listed in the schedule of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

Food Security

Special measures like free kitchens for vulnerable sections of the population such as migrant workers, destitutes, widows, disabled persons


Simplifying the process of certification. Speeding up the issuing of UDID.


Clearing backlog in vacancies in all government departments in a time bound manner. Creation of newer employment avenues taking the capabilities of disabled persons into account.


  • Ensuring Dignified Life for persons with disabilities. Zero tolerance for abuse of disability/disabled persons. Enhancing the pension to at least Rs. 6,000/- and link it up with the price index. Provision of caregiver allowance.
  • Providing a similar allowance to all widows, destitute and disabled persons with no age limit.

Assistive Device

Extending the assistance under the MPLADS fund to all assistive devices and facilities for the disabled.

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