The 10 principles for my protection, well-being and development as a girl, boy or adolescent with disabilities -

UN launches first campaign to eliminate violence against children and adolescents with disabilities in Asia-Pacific

The awareness raising campaign launched ‘the 10 principles for my protection, well-being and development as a girl, boy or adolescent with disabilities’, which aims to promote the good treatment of children and adolescents with disabilities.

all kind of persons in the banners, like girl, boy and disabilities. 10 principles adolescent with disabilities

Principle 1:
I exist as I AM and I Am a person just like you

In that image, Parents play with child

Principle 2:
I like that you are kind, you love me and play with me

In this picture, mother product child from raining

Principle 3:
I like that you take care of me, protect me and teach me, how to protect myself.

children with disability playing together

Principle 4:
I want you to accept me as I AM, help me develop my abilities and talents and give me a good quality educaiton.

in this picture, parents listen the words and idea from the child.

Principle 5:
I like that you listent to me, explain to me what is happening and consider my opinion.

in this picture, the children with visually impaired cross the road alone with confidently

Principle 6:
I like that you believe in me and help me grow

Mother take of children

Principle 7:
I like that you understand me, support me and reassure me when i am upset, angry or frustrated.

in this picture, children play with disabilities

Principle 8:
I like it when you include me.

in this picture, the mother product the child and give equal to her

Principle 9:
I want you to respect me and protect me from all forms of violence everywhere

in this picture, the fathers believe the accept from child

Principle 10:
It matters to me that you believe me.


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